the ultimate done for you dream package




You want to impact the world and transform lives but you need help on your on-brand funnel setup, structures and branding....


I created my one-on-one business coaching package to help you create your dream business by stepping into your soul aligned purpose and setup your on-brand client attraction funnel, structures and systems, easily, without the sweat and tears... 




"the actual" done for you website creation and CRM funnel setup...


This is the perfect solution for those who are hard pressed for time but would really want to pursue their dream business WITHOUT the usual technical hassle.

or you hate technical

Imagine a world where all tech stuff is done for you.

you still need to craft your messaging, your copy, take your photographs etc

decide on your marketing & positioning - no one can take that place from you, you are the CEO of your business

but the rest - the implementation part of it... 

leave it to me.... 

we will take care of everything techie for you





Through our 6 month 1-1 coaching program,

you would have CREATED an on-brand automated client attraction system that sells! 

Your Funnel all in place

and voila!!

You are set to rock it in your business!

and the funnels + website would be taken care of....

all done for you

you do the work and hand over the tech work to us

we will take care of the implementation for you

isn't that fabulous?

or what?





It would mean that you are now finally living your dream,

creating a business on your own terms,

Flexible working time,



whatever it is that delights you.

You are not merely existing and working to make money.

You are now finally doing something you love

and creating a business that loves you back!

Would’nt that be awesome?

plus no need to worry about tech

the ultimate dream business package



I am a mindset, brand, business + sales coach. :-) All roll into one!!

My certification? I am a certified style coach which combines both life + branding/style. The life coaching explains the mindset piece. In addition, I have done extensive self development which has brought me to a place where I can really relate through my own journey in the field of life.

Branding. I have a natural eye for colours and design plus being certified helps! I am trained on colours, perception, feel, essence. All of that which convey the brand.

Business Coaching. After having attended numerous courses and invested USD 25K on my internet business, I am now in the position to transfer my wealth of knowledge after learning and implementing strategies that I have learned from the best in internet marketing.

Sales. I came from a sales background in the last 4 years of my corporate life. I have spent 30 years in corporate and much of it has been in position of collaborative marketing, sales & positioning. An internet business is no different from other businesses at its core. You need the strategy, positioning, marketing and sales. It’s the lifeblood of any business. Now though, it’s your own business.

And the tech stuff. I get this stuff, been working in IT for the past 30 years. Implementing the tech stuff isn't hard...

And now, you don't have to worry about it.




I did several online and group courses which promises to help me launch my internet business. Without any direct specific guidance, I was guessing most of the time and I did create a product and was ready to launch with my opt-in page ready, my free ebook etc. I advertised for 1 week and I got crickets... No one gave me their email address !!! Lots of likes but no email.. Gosh... ;-(

So I tried a different strategy.. I decided to set up a contest so people can enter and win my FREE program. I advertised in FB for 2 weeks!!! I had 10 winning spots and guess what - after 2 weeks of intense advertisement, I only had 10. Can you imagine 10 email address !!! That was all!! I was so disappointed and thus started a journey of buying more online courses and watching more webinars... And spent more money but I honestly had no idea how to build my list. 

Does this sound like you?  


I finally woke up and took personal business coaching.

Under the guidance of my coach, I created and completed my funnel in 2 months!!! ( Imagine 2 years trying and then 2 months - voila!!). I setup my FB ads, did some tweaking and re-targeting and voila, 2nd week and onward - I had a conversion rate of less than 50cents!!! It was amazing!!! One of the lowest in the market!!! I had accumulated more than 1600 emails in 3 months and got an average of 3 discovery calls per week!!

In terms of actual clients and $$$$ amount earned, let me share that in the 1st month of my business, I got an amount equivalent to my monthly salary when I had worked for 5 years in corporate!! In my 3rd month - amount earned was equivalent to my monthly salary after working for 8 years!! And in the 4th month, I only opened for business for a week, and I got an amount equivalent to my monthly salary of 11 years working in corporate!! 


*** Qualification: this isn't a get rich quick scheme. You have to do the work. ***   


Value of personal coaching

You could spend lots of money and lots of time figuring out on your own. i know coz i have tried the exact same route. I did not want to spend more money getting a personal business coach and tried online programs, group programs, watched free webinars and guess what? i ended up spending more than usd 8k in trying to learn it all, but still failed....

If i had known better, I would have engaged a business coach right away! You don't have to spend the unnecessary money and time trying to figure out on your own like I did. You can certainly choose the quicker and the more economical route! Did I just say economical? Yes, because it will end up being more economical when you have a one stop shop - aka mua ;-) I can guide you thru the basics of structures, funnels and more to get you started and launch your dream business ASAP!!

Does this sound good so far? Yes? Need clarification? Questions?

value of done for you tech

Need I say more? 

You don't have to worry about this part at all. From what I know, this posses the greatest challenge to coaches & consultants alike. Having not come from an IT background, and why would you be?

Your mission is to transform lives, do coaching, focus on your business.

So leave the tech stuff to me and my team. I mean the entire end-to-end website + funnel creation. 

You will have your business up in no time!!




your one-time investment-$4800


part payment $960 for 6 months

Have questions? 

*** When you click on the link, you will be directed to fill in a form so I can get to know a little bit more about you before our call. Next, a time scheduler will appear for you to schedule a time to speak and our spot will be booked immediately in my calendar!!

*** No worries, we will just be chatting to see if we are a good fit to work together :-)

Plus whether you would trust me enough to leave the tech stuff to me ;-) ***



WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE AT THE END OF 6 MONTHS of us working together?

By the end of our 6 months personal 1-1 coaching, I would have guided you to create:

  • Clarity on the business that you want to create which delights you so it feels like you are not working because you are aligned with your passion

  • An automated lead generation funnel that will target your prospective clients and have your clients find you.

  • An on-brand website that captures the attention of your audience and prospects. A website that speaks to your clients and draws them to want to work with you.

  • A scripted and guided approach on client conversation that sells





Clarity On Your Soul Aligned Entrepreneurship

  • I will walk you thru a process of what I call “ A Passion Test” to elicit from you your deep desires that are perhaps buried deep within you.

  • Most people bury their dreams deep inside because they don’t believe it is possible and thus went about most part of their lives just merely existing and doing something for the sake of making money.

  • This process will draw out your desires. So you come out clear, knowing your desires and in full alignment with your soul. I call this soul aligned entrepreneurship. It is from this place that you can truly flourish in your business


Your Funnels & Structures aka Client Attraction Lead Magnet

Before we can even set up your client attraction lead magnet and establish your funnel which is incredibly important as the funnel will be your main tool in targeting and attracting your niche clients. I will take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process.

  • Define Your Ideal Client. Get clear on this piece as the first crucial step in designing your copy & your messaging

  • Explore and create a lead magnet that is of value to your client. A lead magnet is an item that is deemed valuable to your ideal client.

  • Craft your messaging using pain & pleasure words that would resonate with your ideal clients. Nail it with copy writing!

  • Craft your client attraction opt-in page or squeeze page

  • Make most use of your thank you page to get the most result

  • How to setup a compelling sales page that converts

  • Qualifying leads thru application forms  

  • Set-up appointments via calendar invitation

  • Nurturing leads emails & auto responder. How to craft engaging emails.

  • Facebook Group engagement - the know how

  • Facebook Page engagement - the know how

  • Facebook advertisement - the know how


Your Branding, Your Website

  • Define your brand. Get to know yourself which is your brand and let that brand essence speaks thru your website, sales page, opt-in page, facebook page, group and your entire web presence. This is the part where we create your compelling web presence

  • Website creation. The do’s and don’ts and templates and guide to create your compelling website that attracts your ideal clients


Client Conversation That Sells

  • Now that you have the clients / prospects in the door, it’s now time to have a conversation with them. I will guide you step by step with my client conversation script that sells.






We start with a welcome pack which I will be sending to you so that you get clear of your desires and your objectives for our time together and in the program.

We communicate over Zoom. Link will be provided for our bi-weekly communication. We will meet every 2 weeks, each coaching session is for 1 hour.

Email access to me during the entire 6 months program. (or shorter if it is completed earlier)

Total coaching hours in this package - 12 hours.  

I will be releasing topics to you via mail every 2 weeks.

Each module would consist of

  • Guided Templates

  • Training on the selected topic

  • Email templates and actual templates examples that you can use example optin page template that converts, sales page examples etc.

What do we discuss during the session?

Any question you may have pertaining to the topic. I would be also be reviewing your work and we can brainstorm on your marketing ideas and strategy and discuss what’s the best way to implement according to best practices.

Most importantly, the session is a platform for you to ask questions when things are not working. Like if you have put out an ad, why your ad not working? Or why the conversion rate is low. Etc Etc. In this journey you will have lots of questions. The best way is to have someone who has done it before and can answer your questions.


We will have a session to discuss about your preference. Details are laid out in the TECH SETUP SECTION.




your one-time investment-$4800

part payment $960 for 6 months

Have questions?

ready to rock it and launch your dream business?

why wait?

start right now!!

click below to have a chat...

I spent literally hundreds of hours trying to figure it out (about 2 years) before I got myself a business coach, not to mention the needless amount of money I spent on online programs and group programs. Internet business is such that you need to be guided, every step of the way.

And when you have guidance, that's when you will fly ... So click below to schedule a time to speak. We will just be having a chat... :-)



You can more than just BUSINESS COACHING



Sounds too good to be true? It is TRUE!!





Who is this program for?

This program is suitable for anyone new to internet marketing. Or even if you are not new and you have been dabbling with it but it’s not working. Then this is for you. (I know, I dabbled with this for 2 years and it did’nt work till I got serious and hired a business coach)

You have no idea what a funnel is and why it is so important in internet marketing?

This is a program on funnels and structures aka client attraction lead magnet. You will dive into the nuts and bolts of the structures and system and more. The best part is you will have a guide who can answer your questions along the way.

What if I am not a coach or consultant?

This program is suitable for anyone who offers a service.

If you have an existing business, such as a wedding planner, an image consultant, a stylist, a photographer, a yoga teacher  for instance, the internet marketing personal coaching program is excellent for you to reach and tap into a market that before was unreachable through your normal brick and mortar presence.

What’s the guarantee?

There is no guarantee in business. It’s an investment. A calculated investment.

This is a multi million dollar system! Because I learnt this from quite a few world renowned multi-million dollar coaches and internet marketers in the world. Plus, as I have personally implemented this, I know it works. But you have to work the system. The best part is I will be there to offer advice and guidance. As in any business, your offerings, your message, your marketing and positioning - all of that matters.

The program is 6 months long. I will be supporting you all the way.

What if I can complete the program faster than 6 months? Or slower?  

The structure of the program is for 6 months and meeting 2 weeks is the best as there are lots to do in between. If you can complete much earlier and require meetup every week instead of every 2 weeks, that’s totally possible. I will be supporting you if you can do it faster which will be totally awesome. You can to start your dream business ASAP :-)

I do not recommend that you take more than 6 months as you may lose momentum and lose the desire for success. The 6 months program is structure has been well thought out to ensure your optimum success.

What about the tech setup portion?

We will be having the additional discussion required for the tech setup as laid out in the "TECH NO WORRIES" Package.

As and when you complete your work, instead of you going away to do the work yourself or outsourcing to VA or multiple parties to get the technical part setup such as website and the funnel & CRM integration, your work will be passed to me and I will be getting my team to work on it for you. 

As far as the branding and design piece is concerned, I will be personally overseeing everything so you can be rest assured that the output will be of top quality.