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2 hour special  intensive + the magical Insta strategy (BONUS)


Step into your soul alignment and watch as your life flourish in every aspect...

Struggling in your business? Get the strategies you need to quantum leap your business!

through our 2 hour intensive

you will get the much needed knowledge, tools and strategies 

to get a breakthrough in your business 


start to book clients with ease


Through our 2 hour intensive

you will get crystal clear on your soul aligned purpose 


step into abundance!

Yes! I mean abundance from every aspect

money, relationship, happiness and well being

no more feeling stuck



give that to yourself

the clarity, the assurance and the freedom to leap forward


already soul aligned?

but not getting the results you want?

struggling with building your list and getting clients?

spending money on ads but not quite getting the results you desire?

help is here!

get into a strategy call where you get advice to catapult your business

psst... just the organic strategy on instagram alone

will give you returns on your investment

imagine not having to invest in FB ads....


how i can help you ...

I am soul aligned business coach helping you get clarity on your soul alignment so you can become unstoppable and live your life from ease and flow!

If you want to clear blocks, I have had my share and I sure know a block when I spot one! Plus I was a mindset coach before going into business coaching and now I combined both mindset and business coaching as these 2 are inseparable. To have any kind of success, having the right mindset is key ( with a sprinkle of woo and magic of course :-)

Messaging aka your soul message - This is an area that I am truly gifted in. I can draw your message out from you. One that is perhaps a bit fuzzy, a little unclear. But heck, it's already in you - you just need someone who is trained and good at this to get this out of you ( I think I got good because of my big screw-up in the past... LOL)

Lastly, I am an intuitive coach and am particularly gifted in helping you in your soul aligned message because this is my calling, to help entrepreneurs like you so that together we can transform lives, impact the world and make a difference. 

As a business coach, I can help you map and strategize what you need to know to have a breakthrough in your business. You are struggling because you have no strategies and the right knowledge. Every aspect is crucial - branding, messaging, positioning & targeting, sales funnel, social media strategies, website and sales conversation. 

You don't have money to do ads and you are struggling to build your list? You are in the right place. I can help you with an organic strategy that works awesomely and have your clients find you and you can truly book clients with ease :-)

I can help you with any of the above topic where you are lacking in so that together we can map out exactly what you need to do to move your business forward, book clients with ease and have that quantum leap you so desire. 

The above may sound like a whole lot but no worries, the purpose of the intensive is to zoom into the areas that you want clarity, focus and attention on.. Let me know what you want to work on and I will help you on these specific areas... 



your one-time investment-$700

special price : $497


limited time only!!

special insta bonus included




Have questions? 

Email or Message me on Instagram or Facebook

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WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE AT THE END OF our 2 hours together?

By the end of our 2 hours personal 1-1 coaching, I would have guided you to:

  • Have total clarity on the subject of your choice
  • Have all the tools, knowledge and strategies you need to move your business forward
  • Crystal clear plan of action for your next steps
  • Refreshed with an absolute sense of direction 

*** Worksheets will be provided ***


how does it work?

  • If you have specific questions about the intensive, contact me via mail, FB or Instagram. Mail is mel@melizasim.com. FB is Meliza Sim and Instagram is Meliza_Sim.
  • If you would like to go ahead with the coaching, simply click on the links "PAY NOW" in this page and make your payment. 
  • I will send you an email confirming your payment
  • You will be given a link via mail to set 90 min call.
  • You will be given guide sheets. You will have a precise action plan to implement.
  • We will then schedule a 30 min follow-up call in 2 weeks time to see how you are doing. Whether you need any review or just to catch up to cover any more questions that you may have that have arisen out of the actions that you have taken. 


your one-time investment-$700

special price : $497


limited time only!!

special insta bonus included



Have questions?

Email me or let's chat via FB Messenger or Instagram

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ready to get clarity so you can leap forward?


I know how important it is to get laser coaching and get clarity on what you are seeking for from someone who can give you an unbiased view and who would be able to coach and guide you forward at the same time.

I have seen transformation and breakthrough happened with a mini intensive. I have seen it happened with my own eyes and it gives me immense satisfaction to be able to serve at this level.


do not underestimate the power of an intensive


the power of laser coaching



Who is this intensive for?

This intensive is for anyone seeking specific coaching and guidance on discovering your soul alignment and in clearing the blocks so you can leap forward!! You probably know deep inside you that something is wrong but you need absolute clarity and a little help in removing blocks that are stopping you from your TRUE HAPPINESS.

It is also for you if you feel stuck in your business and you want much needed advice to get the breakthrough you desire in your business. Sometimes, it is the little tweaks that makes the world of a difference and when you are in it doing it by yourself, you may not even be able to detect it. 

Or it could be you really don't know how and is looking for business advice such as driving traffic and creating an amazing organic Instagram presence. I can help.


Would we be having a discovery call to talk about the intensive?

No. The intensive is itself only 2 hours and fairly low cost so it does not make sense to be chatting about it for an hour. However, I am happy to chat via FB Messenger or Instagram or email in case you have any specific questions you wish to clarity and I can answer them for you via the chat. Then you make the payment and we hop onto the intensive. Simple.

What if 2 hours is not sufficient?

If for any reason you feel that 2 hours is not enough for the topics you want to discuss, reach out to me via mel@melizasim.com and I can propose a coaching package suited to you. 

From my experience, if you have 1 to 2 areas that you want clarity on, the 2 hour intensive is sufficient. Anything more will require additional hours. You can always upgrade to a bigger package if the need arise and start off by taking advantage of this special as it comes with the Magical Insta Strategy.

What is the Magical Insta Strategy?

It's an online program for implementing your Organic Instagram Strategy without the need for facebook ads. This strategy alone will save you money and give you a return of investment, almost immediately!! It will be delivered online and supported with the private special intensive. 

Unlike a typical online program where you have no one to ask - especially if you are like me and have a few dozens question! Then this is for you. I want to ensure what you learn online is supported and this intensive is designed to help you do exactly that. 

Think you can nail it with just learning online? No problem - use this intensive to clarify other areas in your business.... No business is without questions.. Even if you have been at it for a while. There are always things to tweak to make it better. 

If you are fairly new - then this would be perfect to offer the support you need.