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mini magical intensive



Need help on a specific topic? Help is here...

mini magical intensive

clear your blocks

get 110% clarity on your ideal clients and messaging


trouble building your list?

tired of spending money on fb ads?

get into a 2 hour session for an organic instagram strategy

that works awesomely and have your clients find you.

start booking clients magically!


unlock that which is within you


quantum leap into the next level in your business!


Through our 2 hour intensive

you will get crystal clear to rock in your business

no more feeling stuck



give that to yourself

the clarity, the assurance and the freedom to leap forward


how i can help you ...

I am a mindset, tech, brand, marketing, strategy, messaging, business + sales coach. :-) All roll into one! I think I like the term Business Alchemist instead of Business Coach... LOL

If you want to clear blocks, I have had my share and I sure know a block when I spot one! Plus I was a mindset coach before going into full time business coaching (that's my rebranding and total 110% clarity on my positioning and whom I am meant to serve) 

Messaging - This is an area that I am truly gifted in. I can draw your message out from you. One that is perhaps a bit fuzzy, a little unclear. But heck, it's already in you - you just need someone who is trained and good at this to get this out of you ( I think I got good because of my big screw-up in the past... LOL)

Stuck in funnel & tech and really need some kickass advice. I am the person to speak to as I have researched most platform to death and came up with innovative ways to automate almost everything.. Saves you tons of time researching yourself and you get the best advice you can get. Plus setting up a funnel is really a no-brainer once you know how.

Branding & Website - Certified as a style coach and qualified to do branding, I have a natural eye for branding. Particularly if you need advice on your website and want me to have a look at your branding with the total copy, messaging and the works, this would be where I can quickly point all the things you need to improve and fix to give you a kickass brand and website that attracts clients.

Feeling icky in sales conversation and you don't know what to do? I can help. With sales script - one that I can even customise for you. Yes, everyone is different and you can't really have a standard sales script for every person. And really if you understand that it's all about the connection and not really selling, then you will be feeling so much better.

For sales conversation, I will be combining the mindset piece ( a lot of it has to do with mindset ) plus actual techniques as well to get you going and feeling completely relieved to conduct your next sales conversation with ease!  

Wanna organic Instagram Strategy that rocks and have your clients find you and start booking clients magically? You are in the right place! Help is here!!



your one-time investment-$700


special price : $650

** Offer for fast action takers **


Have questions? 

Email or Message me on Instagram or Facebook

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WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE AT THE END OF our 2 hours together?

By the end of our 2 hours personal 1-1 coaching, I would have guided you to:

  • Have total clarity on your desired topic 
  • Crystal clear plan of action for your next steps to move forward
  • Refreshed with an absolute sense of direction 

*** Worksheets and templates will be provided where needed ***


how does it work?

  • If you have specific questions about the intensive, contact me via mail, FB or Instagram. Mail is mel@melizasim.com. FB is Meliza Sim and Instagram is Meliza_Sim.
  • If you would like to go ahead with the coaching, simply click on the links "PAY NOW" in this page and make your payment. 
  • I will send you your "welcome packet". The welcome packet is for you to give me some background about yourself but most importantly what you would like to be coached on during the intensive. Set the objective so we are both clear on the outcome of the call.
  • We then set the schedule via calendly for our 90 min call.
  • You will be given guide sheets if necessary (depending on the topic of coaching). You will have a precise action plan to implement.
  • We will then schedule a 30 min follow-up call in 2 weeks time to see how you are doing. Whether you need any review or just to catch up to cover any more questions that you may have that have arisen out of the actions that you have taken. 


your one-time investment-$700


special price : $650

Have questions?

Email me or let's chat via FB Messenger or Instagram

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ready to get clarity so you can leap forward?


I know how important it is to get laser coaching and get clarity on what you are seeking for from someone who can give you an unbiased view and who would be able to coach and guide you forward at the same time.

I have seen transformation and breakthrough happened with a mini intensive. I have seen it happened with my own eyes and it gives me immense satisfaction to be able to serve at this level.




do not underestimate the power of an intensive


the power of laser coaching



Who is this intensive for?

This intensive is for anyone seeking specific coaching and guidance for topics related to branding, marketing & positioning, website, messaging, sales conversation or mindset work. You know enough about what needs to be done but need a little help... Who doesn't ? 

Need help in an organic Instagram Strategy that works? This is the place!


Would we be having a discovery call to talk about the intensive?

No. The intensive is itself only 2 hours and fairly low cost so it does not make sense to be chatting about it for an hour. However, I am happy to chat via FB Messenger or Instagram or email in case you have any specific questions you wish to clarity and I can answer them for you via the chat. Then you make the payment and we hop onto the intensive. Simple.