business coaching faq

who is this program for?

This program is suitable for anyone new to internet marketing. Or even if you are not new and you have been dabbling with it but it’s not working. Then this is for you. (I know, I dabbled with this for 2 years and it did’nt work till I got serious and hired a business coach)

You have no idea what a funnel is and why it is so important in internet marketing?

This is a program on funnels and structures aka client attraction lead magnet. You will dive into the nuts and bolts of the structures and system and more. The best part is you will have a guide who can answer your questions along the way.

What’s the guarantee?

There is no guarantee in business. It’s an investment. A calculated investment.

This is a multi million dollar system! Because I learnt this from quite a few world renowned multi-million dollar coaches and internet marketers in the world. Plus, as I have personally implemented this, I know it works. But you have to work the system. The best part is I will be there to offer advice and guidance. As in any business, your offerings, your message, your marketing and positioning - all of that matters.

The program is 6 months long. I will be supporting you all the way.



What if I am not a coach or consultant?

This program is suitable for anyone who offers a service.

If you have an existing business, such as a wedding planner, an image consultant, a stylist, a photographer, a yoga teacher  for instance, the internet marketing personal coaching program is excellent for you to reach and tap into a market that before was unreachable through your normal brick and mortar presence.

What if I can complete the program faster than 6 months? Or slower?

The structure of the program is for 6 months and meeting 2 weeks is the best as there are lots to do in between. If you can complete much earlier and require meetup every week instead of every 2 weeks, that’s totally possible. I will be supporting you if you can do it faster which will be totally awesome. You can to start your dream business ASAP :-)

I do not recommend that you take more than 6 months as you may lose momentum and lose the desire for success. The 6 months program is structure has been well thought out to ensure your optimum success.




the ultimate package faq

What about the tech setup portion?

We will be having the additional discussion required for the tech setup as laid out in the "TECH NO WORRIES" Package.

As and when you complete your work, instead of you going away to do the work yourself or outsourcing to VA or multiple parties to get the technical part setup such as website and the funnel & CRM integration, your work will be passed to me and I will be getting my team to work on it for you. 

As far as the branding and design piece is concerned, I will be personally overseeing everything so you can be rest assured that the output will be of top quality.


tech & website setup faq

Can i choose my own platform?

The done for you package catered for new coaches and consultants who are starting out. It is also meant for existing business owner who are starting out the internet portion of their business.

The whole idea is that you do not need to go thru the hassle of choosing your own platforms as I have done the research for you. Platforms are chosen after extensive research and considerations for popularity, price, integration and usability.  

The website platform chosen for in this package is Weebly or Squarespace. Both are powerful platforms that cater for a variety of beautiful templates & design. We trust that you would love this as it is also very easy to maintain afterwards once we are done with the initial design & work.

As for integration, funnels and the rest of it, there are certain platforms which are preferred and recommended. Aweber for instance is an email auto-responder that is popular and would integrate with a lot of other websites, webinars platforms etc. Choosing a popular platform will ensure that you will be able to integrate with almost anything.

Similarly, squeeze pages that are popular are Leadpages. I personally like Kickoffpages and is using this myself.