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You want to impact the world and transform lives but you are not booking enough clients

Take a deep breathe...  I can help

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I was guided to create this very special program...

book clients magically! 

the ultimate guide to booking clients weekly!

transform your fear and struggle to one of joy, ease & flow.

my unique program will help you book clients weekly & magically by creating a business that loves you back without endless tiring discovery calls and expensive facebook ads!


*** The cost of this program will pay for itself because you no longer need to pay for expensive facebook ads ***


Through our 2 month online Program,

you would have CREATED a business that is magical!

attract clients to you,

call in your tribe

with an organic marketing strategy that works!


start connecting at the heart and soul level..

and you don't even need to sell




It would mean that you are now finally having a business that loves you back!

a business with ease, joy and flow

no more tiring and endless discovery calls that ends with


"i will think about it" 


"i dont have the money"

no more spending lots of money on facebook ads with little results

Wouldn't that be awesome?


A quick intro about me..

I am a mindset, tech, brand, marketing, strategy, messaging, business + sales coach. :-) All roll into one!

I am a certified Style Coach (style/branding + lifecoach). Been in corporate for the past 30 years in Information Technology with extensive experience in marketing and sales. My personal development journey started when I closed the biggest sale in the history of my company. Fast forward to now, I am a full time business coach. The journey has been challenging and at the same time miraculous and amazing. 

I thought I was prepared for business and coaching when I hired a personal 1-1 coach and knew everything there is to know about facebook ads, funnels, sales conversation, branding & messaging. I soon realised that these knowledge alone is not enough to have a solid rocking business.  

I was sorely disappointed but then I discovered (no - divinely guided) what is required to create MAGIC in your business and thus this program is inspired, as I am guided to create this program to help you to create the same magical business for you, thus Book Clients Magically is born!


my breakthrough!

Even though I was having many opt-ins and business was pretty ok ( I was still booking clients ) and I should not complain as any business needs time to build but I was scared shit deep inside. Why? Because I was still pretty much doing everything that everyone else is doing like endless discovery calls with the fear that the discovery calls will end up with "I will think about it" or "I don't have the money". My coach tells me that it is a 1 in 3 or 1 in 2 closing rate if I am good... I just need to pile up the discovery calls... Sounds familiar?

I pretty much ONLY knew how to do facebook ads coz again that was what I had been taught to do and I actually hated facebook ads. I also hated the fact that with ads, everything is pretty cold and impersonal as you get to nurture your list via email but that is a one way communication. So I don't have any idea on who will turn up on the call and it's pretty much info on the application form (something again I was taught to do but it did not jive with me. It's all very cold and impersonal).

I started doing my business and attracting clients in a completely different way. Then my business transform!!! 1 in 2 closing rate? No way!! It's 80% or higher! Not knowing who will turn up for the call ? A thing of the past.... Hated discovery calls before but NOW I LOVE IT!!

Facebook ads? Hardly needed...


I will be taking you through the entire system and process by the hand on the exact steps I took to transform my business if you decide to work with me..


BONUS 1-1 coaching

I personally believe that support is crucial and just having an online program will still leave you with many questions. Thus, this BONUS is of incredible value as there will be 1 HOUR of private intensive with me.

You get to ask any questions you want pertaining to the course material in this ONE HOUR 1-1 PRIVATE INTENSIVE.




instasuite yearly investment-$697

limited time only - expires in august 2017!

special bonus


instasuite yearly option

*** You will be directed to Instasuite landing page. This is my affliate link. ***

*** Once subscribed to Instasuite, you will be eligible to this online program + 1 HOUR INTENSIVE as a bonus. ***

Have questions? 

You may contact me via mail or message me via the social networks above




By the end of our 2 months online program, I would have guided you to:

  • Remove blocks, patterns and beliefs that are holding you back that has stopped you from rocking and creating magic in your business.

  • Get 110% clarity on your message and whom you are meant to serve

  • Embrace who you are and step into your power

  • Your on brand client attraction website ( I am not kidding ! )

  • Be totally and divinely guided so that every step comes from a divinely guided place and take inspired action! (Inspired Action = Phenomenal Results!!)

  • An Instagram and Facebook marketing strategy that does not involve expensive advertisement (very low cost if any). I teach you to reach your ideal clients in the most effective manner, the organic way

  • Sales conversation that is totally not icky and have you be in your natural self and just create amazing connection. It won't even feel like selling.. I promise...



Get rid of your money blocks

  • Most people have blocks so that's not unusual but what we want to focus on is your money blocks

  • We will go through a process to get rid of your blocks and anything related to self worth or unable to receive money or any other blocks you may have

  • We will go through your story. Stories are what we create in our heads. It's the story in your head that's stopping you from creating your success

  • Sometimes it's not even our stories but the stories that we have inherited and it became ours through our parents. We will work through all these blocks so you can start to create and attract wealth once you have released your stories and clear your beliefs..


divine guidance & massive action

  • How to always function from a divinely guided place. 
  • This is huge as all the modules below needs guidance and direction from this place, without which your business may not produce the kind of results that you are looking for.
  • I will guide you thru a process that I personally use to get to be this guided. Always knowing and tuning to your guidance is the KEY TO SUCCESS. Followed by MASSIVE ACTION obviously !!


110% messaging clarity & your ideal clients

You need to know who you are meant to serve. It is utmost important that you are not only clear but be 110% clear. If at any level, ( usually deep inside and you won't even know it logically ) you are not 110% clear on who you are meant to serve or what it is that you are meant to do then your messaging is distorted and you will not be able to attract your ideal clients. PERIOD. FULLSTOP.

  • Define Your Ideal Client. Get REALLY clear on this piece as the first crucial step in designing your copy & your messaging and most importantly attract your ideal clients when you are 110% CLEAR!

  • Craft your messaging using pain & pleasure words that would resonate with your ideal clients. Nail it with copy writing!

  • I will guide you thru the all the necessary steps, and what you need to do to get clear but really the best way to get clear is to have the 1-1 coaching session with me and in one hour, I will draw that out from you!! It's one of my specialty 😊


Your Branding, Your Website

  • Embrace who you are. You are your brand. Step into your power. BE YOU! The unique YOU WILL ATTRACT CLIENTS to you. Be BOLD enough to embrace yourself fully!! 

  • Define your brand. Get to know yourself which is your brand and let that brand essence speaks thru your website, sales page, opt-in page, facebook page, group and your entire web presence. This is the part where we create your compelling web presence

  • Website creation. The do’s and don’ts and templates and guide to create your compelling website that attracts your ideal clients

  • A complete guide on copy-writing and how to create a client attraction website !! This is the powerful piece that speaks to your clients and draw your clients to you. It's the connection.. ❤️️



  • I will be guiding you through the way of marketing that I do myself that does not include facebook ads. But one that builds authentic and real connections. The one that gets you to know your prospects and your prospects know you before the dreaded "discovery call". If you do this, you don't even need to DREAD DISCOVERY CALLS. It will be smooth and easy..
  • Getting yourself established and known via facebook groups. 
  • Create an Instagram presence. An Instagram marketing strategy to grow your following and increase your know, like and trust factor. Builds connection.
  • How and when to message via DM or PM. The art and science of doing it RIGHT.
  • Use technology to your advantage so that you can grow your business on autopilot and yet not lose the connection factor. Psst... I am BIG on tech. And I use it automatically to speed up everything!! :-)
  • Content is important. I personally have no issues in creating content as I always create it from divine guidance and download. However, i will be giving you the high level strategy on what to write and how to discipline yourself to structured content. It's what I call structure + divine guidance + processes (you can speed up content creation with the right process! )


Client Conversation That Sells

  • Now that you have the clients / prospects in the door, it’s now time to have a conversation with them. I will guide you step by step with my client conversation script that sells.

  • It's all about building the connection first before the client conversation takes place but it's always good to have a script especially if you are new!!

  • And don't worry, I will be giving you the exact tips and strategy to make this all work without feeling icky or salesy...



ONLINe Program

Modules will be released every week. We start 15 September 2017.


I will be creating a private facebook group so you can ask and post your questions in the group and help to support each other as well. Have lots of fun and get connected with others as well during the program! I will be personally jumping in to answer questions and no - it's not try and get support from your peers... I will be there...

* Specific instructions and details will be mailed to you. *






modules will be released every week


week 1 - get rid of your money blocks

week 2 - divine guidance & massive action

week 3 - 100% messaging clarity & ideal clients

week 4 - your branding, your website

week 5 - effective organic marketing part 1

week 6 - effective organic marketing part 2

week 7 - effective organic marketing part 3 week

week 8 - client conversation that sells


Each module would consist of Guided Templates & Audio or Video Training 






yearly investment-$697

limited time only - offers expire 31 AUGUST!

special instasuite bonus

*** You will be directed to Instasuite landing page. This is my affliate link. ***

*** Once you subscribed to Instasuite, you will be eligible to this program as a bonus. ***


Have questions?

You may contact me via mail or message me via the social networks above

ready to create magic and book clients weekly?

why wait?

start right now!!


I spent my initial months in my business with lots of deep seated fears and constantly asking myself "will this work?". I have been really blessed to have a breakthrough and I know I need to share "the secret" with you.

The methods and techniques that I will be teaching you and helping you along are literally what has helped me break through and have the kind of joy, flow and ease in my business that has been really amazing and I am so thankful to God for. 



Where you can book clients with ease with no expensive facebook ads, no fearful client conversation but deep soulful connection that really get you the clients that you are meant to work with..

And when you have guidance, that's when you will fly ...



Who is this program for?

This program is suitable for anyone who have started out, knows about funnels and the basic "how to" but still not rocking it in her business. I know how frustrating it is to know it all and yet things are still not working...

What if I am not a coach or consultant?

If you are a soul aligned entrepreneur who is offering a service, then this program is for you.

If you have an existing business, such as a wedding planner, an image consultant, a stylist, a photographer, a yoga teacher for instance, the internet marketing personal coaching program is excellent for you to reach and tap into a market that before was unreachable through your normal brick and mortar presence.

What’s the guarantee?

There is no guarantee in business. It’s an investment. A calculated investment.

This is a system that has personally work for me and have me booked clients magically, every week and at 80% conversion rate.

The program is 2 months long. I will be supporting you to quickly turn things around in your business via the private facebook group and the 1 HOUR intensive.

What if I can't catch up as there are so many modules in the short 2 months...

Typically in 2 months, there are 8 weeks so you will have time to catch up. You will get LIFETIME access to this program so you can take your own time to digest and implement.

If you really need extra help & support, you can buy additional private 1-1 coaching packages. I have the following options if you need additional support and help.

- Mini Intensive of 2 hours : USD 380

- 6 hour package : USD 1,080

*** Prices above are valid till 31 August ***


What do you mean by expensive facebook ads?

Before, I used to spend anything between USD 300 to USD 500 per month and the results isn't co-related to the money I spent. Now if I ever spent money, it's more like USD 50 per month if at all. And yet I book clients magically and consistently.  

Thus, by enrolling in this program, you would have saved tons of advertisement money in the long run.