Stop being a victim and take control of your life

As it is still January, I am in a reflective mode...

What I noted nowadays - perhaps glaringly is how the world choose to see that most things are not possible. For instance, it is impossible to do a business you love and still make money from it. It is normal to work hard and strive hard and be in corporate and earn a salary, fight with the politics and that is the way to go...

Or I can't do it because I am a housewife, etc etc and the list goes on.

I notice that church members will come for prayer meeting with lots of issues and problems. As a coach now, I can see how all these issues are self made and it isn't about prayer and focus on issues after issues. Rather it is to focus on what God can do in co-creation and coming before God in gratitude. That is how problems are resolved ... Focus on the solution, not the problem. Problems are magnified when you keep focusing on them. You give them power and energy... 

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
— Albert Einstein

As a soul aligned entrepreneur, it is my passion to raise the consciousness of the world, and I totally believe that people need to be conscious and awaken. Sadly, there are still many that are lost in victimhood. I know how it is like to be in victimhood. I was in it for many years. I started to awakened probably about 7 years ago and it was a process. 

Victimhood means you perceive problems as happening to you and that you have totally no control over the situation at all. 

Being conscious and awakened means you know you have the power to change your life and create your reality. This can be done via your thoughts,  meditation etc.. My personal opinion, organised religion is not as important as being conscious and awakened. 

I used to think that the problems that I have are all outside of me. It is usually because it is my nasty colleague who is the problem, or my husband or my in-laws or whoever but not me. Now I have come to realise that if there is a problem, I need to first look at myself. 

Your universe without reflects the universe within....

Your universe without reflects the universe within....

Meaning anything that is happening to you is because you have created it. Harsh right? I was a little taken aback when I first encountered this statement in my own personal development journey. But once we accept that truly it is within our power that we take total responsibility of our lives adn start to live victoriously!!

How do you actually begin to be awakened?

I will lay down the steps from my experience and I hope it will help many as this is my core passion - to create an awakened world.. Which is why I was called to be a business coach to other soul aligned entrepreneurs who are on a mission to change the world, transform lives and make a difference. The more people are reached, the more we can live in a better world.

I see myself as someone who supports spiritual and gifted soul aligned entrepreneurs to reach out to more people with knowledge that I have acquired from my extensive experience in Information Technology, sales and marketing. I am woo woo as well so I can totally relate to spirituality. 

Spirituality for me has really led me to be more connected to God more than anything else. More than organised religion.  

Stop the cruelty to animals. Stop the abuse of the environment. Stop the violence and the hate because we think we are divided and different. There is only one race - the human race. And truly only one religion - the religion of love. We are not divided. 


Start by being conscious and aware that your thoughts are powerful and you can create your reality by your thoughts. 

Watch this video from Dr Masaru Emoto's Water Experiment - Words are Alive!

Our thoughts and intent can change water molecules. This means we can affect matter. So be very careful with your thoughts. A mind filled with negative self talk will only lead to a negative self fulfilling prophecy. 

How do you actually do this? You need to make a decision that from NOW onwards you do not allow negative thoughts in your mind. It is not easy. In fact, when you first start it is really hard but with determination and practice, you can block out negative thoughts. What I do? I merely say STOP when negative self talk enters into my mind. I am conscious of it and I will remove it. Sometimes it's very hard when you are very angry, pissed etc.. So I let myself stew for a while and I said enough. STOP.

Let me relate this to your business or if you want to start your business. If you keep thinking "IS THIS GOING TO WORK" instead of thinking "I WILL WORK THIS NO MATTER WHAT". The results and outcome is predictable. Because your thoughts will create your reality and the outcome. 


David Hawkin’s book, Power vs. Force, sates that you can measure the energetic vibration of everything.  The scale goes from 0-1000, with the more enlightened range from 750-1000.  The Dali Lama’s vibration is consistently at 1000.


David mentioned that shame, guilt, worry, anger (take a look at the chart) vibrates at a lower frequency. The world in general vibrates at around 200. Imagine that!! The vibration of love is at 500 and anything above means you are vibrating at a higher frequency and thus this will in turn attract all the amazing things into your life - relationship, money - just about everything. Life becomes magical. 

If you see someone who seems to have all the luck and every aspect of their lives are going right, it is because they have consciously chosen to raise their vibration. They do not dwell in complains and wondering why things aren't working. It's about focusing on what you want instead of what you don't want. 

So the next question is "How do I raise my vibration?"

One simple method to do so is to have a morning practice ritual. It is simple but is is also a practice and a discipline that people I spoke to will tell me they don't have time to do this. You mean you don't have time to create beauty in your life ? Where abundance flows? 

This is what i do every morning. Well, pretty much....

1. Meditate. I use a number of apps and technology to help.

- Zen12. This is a 12 minute meditation with relaxing music and advance technology to elevate your brainwave to an alpha level. This is the level of creativity and calmness.

- Simply Being. An app that you can download to your phone and listen between 5 to 30 mins. Cost USD2.   

- Holosync is wonderful but this requires a lot more time. A typical meditation is about an hour. This is like raindrops sound with gongs. The technology behind it is to help you to enter into a meditative state. Details are in their website.

2. Once in a higher vibrational state. I would imagine calling the light of God flowing from the top of my head to my feet. I focus on my heart and let the light expand like a ball to first fill my house with love, joy and peace, then expand to my country, then to the world. I would also imagine that in this state I am connecting to my potential clients. If you are interested to grab hold of this meditation, sign up for my FREE ebook Book Clients Magically. It comes with an ebook, webinar and meditation. 

3. I then say my gratitude. By the time I am done, I am really feeling very high vibe. I do this as a prayer and giving thanks to God for all the things he has blessed me with. I would reflect and recall upon yesterday blessings and would thank God for all the amazing interactions, opportunities or just anything that fill my heart with praise and joy. That's high vibe!! Joy is at a vibration frequency of 540. (refer to chart)

4. Followed by visualisation. I would visualise in my mind. I have also done up a vision book. I have this video in my facebook page so you can watch if you like. I use a Happy Planner and converted it into a vision book that looks appealing and personal. I look at it every day to remind myself on my vision for the year 2018. 

Creating a vision board has been really fun for me and I hope you find it fun too. 

5. Affirmation. I have one key affirmation that I would say and repeat for 30 times. This is what I say " What does it take for me to make $$$ and everything in the way of that, I delete, de-story and uncreate. This is a unique way of affirmation that I learned from Christie Marie Sheldon. You can get her course from MindValley.

Just by doing a morning practice, and sticking to it, you would start to see amazing changes in your life. 


There is another thing that I would like to mention, that is crucial for any transformation. This is getting rid of your limiting beliefs. This is so crucial and is a stopper in anything you do. If you are struggling with an issue that you cannot break through, it is because you have limiting beliefs. 

What are limiting beliefs?

If you belief that you need to work hard before you can make a lot of money or you have to sacrifice your time to make money and thus would impact your relationship, then this belief will stop you from moving forward in your business or career. 

If you believe that men cannot be trusted, then you would be always be checking in on your husband and filling your mind with all sorts of stories even if it is not happening. 


We are all very good story tellers. We try to convince ourselves and others with our stories. The stories that I want to mention here is we are constantly telling ourselves why we cannot do something. And we are so convinced with this story that we will basically tell it to anyone who wants to listen. 

Example of a story:

Recently I was speaking to a church member and she said she wants to come for prayer meeting but she can't. I asked why. She said she does not have a car. So I asked whether she can drive. She says yes. Apparently in her family there are 3 cars but no car is available on a Wednesday evening. 

I told her that if she really wants to come, she will make arrangements that there will be a car on Wednesday evening. Or she will find a way..

You see, if you really want to do something, you will always find a way. If you don't want to, you give excuses.  

Inner Child Healing


All of us has deep core wounding that has happened to us as a child or while we are growing up. These hurts and wounds needs to be healed to create a conscious, awaken world. Without healing, this will permeate into our behaviour in adulthood and what often happens is hurting people hurts people.  

Interestingly enough, I have counselled so many people and found that the children are the ones who suffer. When the mother is stressed out and unhappy, they tend to lash out on the children or spouse. Are you guilty of doing that?

Which is why a combination of all these techniques to deliver a person from core wounding, healing the inner child, busting limiting beliefs and raising vibrations are so crucial to total awakening. To healing and to a better world. One person at a time. 

In my coaching practice, I coached clients to overcome their limiting beliefs by a special method of inner child healing and uncovering limiting beliefs usually adopted by my client from their father or mother without even themselves realising this.. 

Often the belief is so deep and it is already radiating out 24 *7 in their subconscious. Because these are not logical issues but deep belief system that are rooted, almost like a computer virus infection, the person cannot get out of it and thus they will repeat the same destructive cycle of behavior over and over. 

Do you know of some people who can't stay in a job for more than 2 years and every time they leave, the reason is because they have a quarrel with their boss. It happens again and again no matter where the person goes to work. In this case, it is clearly a case of a need for an internal change. It isn't about the boss or anything happening outside of you. You need to remove the destructive pattern in your life.

If you would help in this. To uncover what your limiting beliefs are and to allow your inner child to heal, then I do have something special to offer. For the purpose of this inner child healing, I am offering a 2 hour special intensive :   

meliza khoo