6 Steps to Client Attraction

Ever since my rebranding, I started to book clients magically and thus was guided to create an ebook and a webinar to look at and talk about my process which I know you can absolutely follow as well!!

These are the steps!!

Step 1 - Getting Rid of Limiting Beliefs


This step is the NO 1 most crucial steps. If you have read about limiting beliefs and you think this is just another fad - I can assure you it's not. When I first came across limiting beliefs - I poo poo the idea and even convinced myself I do not have limiting beliefs!! Can you beat that? But as time goes on - I realised that limiting beliefs are so ingrained in us that we normally are not aware of it. And it " the limiting beliefs" literally runs our lives. The best part - we don't even know it and we are basically making all our decisions and living our lives all based on our beliefs!!

If you are facing certain "issues" or "challenges" in your life that is preventing you from moving forward, then you may want to examine your limiting beliefs and start to take steps to get rid of them. 

Step 2 - Are you on your life purpose?

The next question to ask if you are not attracting clients is whether what you are doing is what you are meant to do. Simply put - if the door isn't opening, it's not your door!! 

You need to do a deep dive, get quiet, meditate or take a walk - whatever suits your style and start to really look at what it is that you are meant to do and is called to do. There is a huge difference between just being good at something or just because many people have asked you about something ... It does not mean that it's your calling.

A calling is really that bigger purpose in your life!! The thing that most likely you are resisting would surprising be your calling... 

The thing that most likely you are resisting would surprising be your calling... 

Take time to ponder on this as getting clear on this one thing would catapult you and your business to the NEXT LEVEL. Yes, just this one thing...

Step 3 - Your Messaging & Positioning

Now that you have gotten it all together and the internal soul searching work is done, next you need to start connecting with your ideal clients with your message and your positioning. Messaging is super crucial. It's your copy, it's defining and speaking to your ideal clients...

Get this message in your website, your copy, your blog, your facebook page, group, instagram - in short everything. THIS IS YOUR MESSAGE. Is this message speaking to your ideal clients? 

Wanna have a sample of what a copy does and the right messaging does? Take a look around at this website. Look at the copy..... Notice the format and the punch line. This is messaging. More importantly, it's speaking to your clients and making the connection....

Step 4 - Connect with your clients energetically


I am a big believer in energy - create your reality and how your words can totally create your new reality. One thing I would highly recommend is connect with your clients magically & energetically by way of meditation and connecting with all your clients at a soul and energy level. 

Call in those who should be working with you and who are meant to work with you. As much as you have something to offer in love and light and in transforming the world. Your clients would be in need of your service, be it for healing or better health or a happier relationship. 

For me, helping my clients get more clients magically is a way of me living my mission. I am called to transform lives. What better way to do that than to help my clients get more clients so more people can be impacted, have elevated lives and the world is made a better place!!

Step 5 - Create a client connections via social media - organically

You hear it right. I am advocating connections via social media. And yes, do your funnels and auto email responder but the problem with that is you are talking at your prospects. There is no 2 way communication. No engagement!!

In the online world - the engagement is in social media and the best part is you can do this organically without ads. I have found this to be the most effective way of marketing. Ads that channel to an opt-in and then an email sequence lacks the engagement to successfully convert clients. 

Don't get me wrong. I don't mean never to do email sequence or optin but what is required really is a two-prong strategy that works like magic. The client connection and your tried and tested email. They keep saying the money is in the list. Yes, it is but why not up the chances of that with a connection strategy!!

At the end of the day, it's human beings you are talking to and connection is crucial to sales! Any sales.. If you like a better word - booking clients!!

At the end of the day, it’s human beings you are talking to and connection is crucial to sales!

Step 6 - Sales conversation that does not feel like a sales conversation...

I kind of name it as it is as it is after all a sales conversation. But it doesn't have to feel like one. I used to balk at the idea of having a sales conversation and I spent the last 6 years in sales in corporate!! So I can definitely understand if coaches hates this part of their work.

Look at a sales conversation as merely another chance to connect and speak with your clients. It is really a get to know him/her session, answer questions and really check each other energy whether both of you are REALLY a good fit to work together.

For me, I only work with soul aligned entrepreneurs. If a person is not a soul aligned entrepreneur, the energy does not fit and we will both sense the same. We will merely choose not to work together... 

Should you want to know more.... the entire series of how you attract clients and book clients is detailed in my 16 page ebook and an hour of webinar. I highly recommend that you read and watch the webinar to get the full scoop of how everything works and jives together. 

Click on the link to get instant access to the free eBook & webinar...



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