Your Genius and Your Uniqueness Sells 😊

I often have people come to me without a clue on what they want to do and claim that they are not good enough. That was me too when I first went into my coaching business as I don't seem to think that I have anything to offer... This might be you now and if you are thinking along this line, you may want to read on..

For the longest time, even though I came from a technical background, a Computer Science graduate ( that was a long time ago!! ) LOL. But I never thought to embrace this or to bring this part of me into my coaching business... 

I have finally ( or at least since May 2017 ) embraced that techie part of myself. I am totally process oriented, I research software like a maniac... Whenever I come across something I need to do,  I would naturally find the fastest and most efficient way to do it. 


It never occurred to me that this is my gift and uniqueness. Very often, when you are naturally good at something, you don't even know it. So ask yourself, what is it that you do that is easy to do. And the same thing that is so easy for you - you are surprised to find that other people are having a hard time grasping. Ever feel irritated that when someone else cannot do it and you are thinking - "But that's easy!!" 

Then boom! You got it! That's your genius and your uniqueness. Embrace your uniqueness and yourself. That's like the fastest route to success and you will find that doing anything - including business become super effortless and easy. 

Embrace your uniqueness
and yourself

So what is your genuis? 

And more than that? What is your quirky combination? That makes you stand out and unique. Which by the way - SELLS!!

For me - I have found to my own surprise - it's a combination of soul purpose, tech + woo woo ness and my natural gift in marketing and sales (It took me a long time to admit that as well...). It's a journey of discovery. When you truly get what you stand for - this goes into your marketing message, and people are drawn to your uniqueness.  That's when you stand out because you are truly unique. And there is no one else like you.

If you are asking, I don't know what's unique about me OR I don't even quite nail my message, if that is the case, you can always get into a 2 hour magical intensive with me. It's truly magical as these precious hours that I spend with my clients are hours that have them truly get their message and it's BOOM!! 

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Your message and YOU is the foundation before your marketing starts. If you have this done and dusted - and you know and you know that THIS IS IT!!! You will feel that in your GUT. YOU FEEL IT IN YOUR BODY! You will know it. And often times, we need help on this. Not because you can't find your own message - it's just not as CLEAR to you as someone on the outside looking in... Someone trained and gifted in literally drawing out of you your message and YOU. 

I can help draw out your message in YOU.

That's why it's important to embrace all of yourself and once you do - you embrace yourself and start to use all of your faculty and the more you use it - the better it gets... ❀️️   🌼🌸

One of my client did not even think that she will be a intuitive reader and when we first spoke, she has a children book. In 6 weeks time, she embraced all of herself including her intuitive ability and started to do reading for people and charging clients!! She got 10 clients within 6 weeks into our 1-1 coaching program - The Magical Foundation. 

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Another client of mine got so super clear on her messaging and unique capabilities she is just EXPLODING with excitement. I have got stories after stories about just how excited my clients get when they get their message right. Something just clicked!!! BOOM!! There is excitement. There is sheer joy like you know it when you have hit a JACKPOT !! 

That's the energy that EXPANDS your business. 

I call your messaging and embracing your uniqueness the FOUNDATION. It's like building a house. You got to get the FOUNDATION in place. Without which, your house will not last. It will be shaky - and like the foundation, during the building phase. You don't see anything. No building to show.... And you may be feeling like I want to build the house NOW!!!

But if you rush this phase, and just like building a house or a building. You rush the foundation phase ( the message and embracing all of you ) , your house cannot stand. I would like to give you this advice, build your foundation - your message and embracing your uniqueness - make it firm and strong. Feel into it and when it feels so good you feel like you are going to burst!!! Then you have got it!! Truly got your message and you!!



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