Divinely Guided Action

I realised that most recently I have been operating from a divinely guided place and while it is very natural for me, I know that it may not be so for some of you... 

Thus, I am writing this hoping that this blog will help you... 


First of all what does it mean to be divinely guided... It actually means that instead of using your logical mind and going into a "to do" list, you come from a place where you are guided and you connect with your inner being or universe or God (whatever you believe in) and start to listen - really listen and you will be surprised at how many gold nuggets will drop in on you.

I have since learned quite a few years ago when I get a guidance to do something, I would just go and do it. Sometimes I will even resist because I cannot even find any logical reason as to why I am prompted to do something..

For example, when I first took up Style Coaching from Style Coaching Institute, I was resistant. I was working in an insurance company heading the Information Technology (IT) department. I was from IT and why would I be even taking up such a course. Style Coaching is a combination of being a style coach as well as a life coach.

Now, 7 years later, I absolutely know why... In fact, taking up the course has actually helped me in my breakthrough in my career as well catapulting me into sales in IT. A field that I am naturally drawn to and love.

So when your soul is calling. Listen.. 

But sometimes it does not have to be this all dramatic calling. Most times, it is a gentle nudge. Like today, I am guided to write this post and many many other things that I do are a result of guidance and when I act according to God's guidance, miracles happen and I walk in flow..

Opportunities arises and miracles and magic happens..

Opportunities arises and miracles and magic happens...

You may be asking - how do I even know I have guidance and follow guidance... It's your intuition if you want to call it as such. How to connect with intuition?

Here are a few simple steps:

1. Do a meditation every morning to quiet the mind and build connection with yourself and the Universe/God/Divine

2. Ask that you will be shown guidance and download to do whatever it is you need guidance on especially in your biz..

3. Pay attention and listen and tune in especially just after meditation, in a shower or anytime you are quiet and your mind is at rest. 

4. When you hear guidance, at first it may seemed like it's your own voice and you don't really know when it's your own monkey mind or divine guidance. Don't worry. It takes practice. If it feels disturbing and you are all over the place, then it's not guidance. If it feels good and you are at peace, then it's guidance. Feel into your body, how does it feel? Do you feel tight and tense? Or does it feel like your space is expanding..

If you are not aware or especially if you are new to meditation, I would like to suggest Zen12. You can find the first level on Youtube and it's free. You can listen to it, The rest of the levels, if you like it, you can purchase it. It's only 12 minutes so it's easy to do and it's mainly music - helps your mind to go into the alpha level..

I also listen to Holosync. That takes more time. It's one hour if you have the time but this is absolutely wonderful as well. 

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In terms of my biz, that's how I function and I find that this way - I am in flow. Everything becomes a bliss. There are more stuff you have to do of course such as getting rid of your limiting belief so that your guidance can work - being clear on what you are called to do.... 

There are so many pieces ...

If you feel like you need help in this area and want to grow your biz from a place of flow, ease and grace, I would like to invite you to a 2 hour intensive where you can get clear, tune in to your intuition and guidance and get rid of limiting beliefs that are holding you back...

My charges for a 2 hour intensive is USD 480. It is well worth the investment as you will be free to move forward in FLOW in your business and in LIFE. Now how much is that worth to you?

Message me for a call @meliza_sim in Instagram and facebook is Meliza Sim. (only one Meliza Sim on facebook :-))

Or simply email me. mel@melizasim.com

Let's chat...


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