Today is tech day and I wanted to check in and ask if anyone has any thing to share with regards to tech day and in fact if you have any specific questions, I can try to answer them as well or maybe someone in the community would know... :-)


Today I want to share about how to streamline your content post to Instagram. If you are using Instagram as your marketing tool, then this information would greatly help to speed up your content creation. 

Well, what's so great about speeding up content creation. In the internet world, content is truly king especially posting with really good content that can connect with your audience.

How I can create a 5 mins post tops... I use Typorama coz it is a fantastic tool (and yes - u need an iphone to use Typorama) coz it is able to create amazing fonts on the fly. 

The steps:

1. I download all my beautiful pics to my iphone.  
2. When an idea comes, which is often, I would quickly reach for my iphone, choose a pic, type in the words and save to photo.
3. Then I open buffer and choose the pic with the words I have saved and proceed to type in my caption and simply post to buffer who has an automatic scheduler.

Now why is Buffer so good. It is because you can schedule the time of posting like 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 8pm. And when you buffer, it automatically goes into the queue. And why is that so good? Because unlike other tools, you don't have figure out and remember what time did u last schedule it for... All the little nuances will slow you down.

With the methods outlined above, you literally can create content on the fly 5 minutes tops and beautiful content as well..

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