I did a video on this but I did not like it so here goes the write-up. Many many gurus tell me that a website is not important and that you need a funnel which is more important. I totally get that. However, I feel that having a website - an on-brand client attraction website is crucial to the entire chain of events.

Here are a couple of points from my experience:


1. When a prospect wants to find out about you, and see if they can connect to you, they will inevitably check out your website. And they can do so pretty anonymously... Thus, your website is really your storefront!!

2. If your website is your storefront and it represents you, it makes sense that you would want to make it a welcoming store that CONNECTS.

3. How do you connect? You connect by being on-brand. And what does being on-brand means. It means a lot of things and here I will explore a couple. If you are calling in a tribe or people who are stylish and wants the lifestyle and glamour, your website needs to depict lifestyle and glamour. If you want to depict spirituality and enlightenment, then it needs to depict that..

When a prospect wants to find out about you, they will inevitably check out your website.

4. How do I depict my brand? By having pictures that represent your brand ( a picture paints a thousand words) For instance, if you are about corporate and formal and your pics are all relaxed and casual - this totally does not give out the feeling you want to evoke. I want to repeat - being on brand means a feeling you want to evoke..

5. Colours - deep dark colours verses pale light colours has a totally different feel to them. Notice I keep saying feel because in essence it's the feeling you want to evoke when your prospect goes to your site.

6. Copy writing. Such a crucial component. Not any copy writing. You need to copy write in a very precise and succinct manner that will speak to your prospect the moment they come to your site. Not all over the place or long words which requires a lot of reading. Your sentences needs to be punchy. You literally need to PUNCH them with your words, grab their attention so that they will want to read more.  

7. Call to action. A call to action button is a MUST. You must have this component integrated with your optin page. I get a lot of optin from my pop up box in my website so I would highly recommend the popup optin and make sure your optin is in EVERY PAGE of your website.

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You want to be attracting clients with your website!! Do it NOW as it literally can make or break your success!

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