The Entrepreneur Journey

I started my entrepreneur journey in Jan 2017. It was a mixed feeling. On one hand, I was aesthetic about having my own business and on the other, I was very fearful. If you are an entrepreneur, or even am looking at being an entrepreneur, I am sure this will resonate.


I had my ups and downs and started with really targeting the wrong market (quite frankly I did'nt know what was wrong with me... ) coz I used to do this shit in corporate and was good at it. So it was a lot of learning for me and as a result I have re-branded and called my new business (after doing a lot of soul searching and of course with the help of my head coach in Divine Living Academy) and mastermind partner and my personal coach, all came together for me. 

There are times I feel like most entrepreneurs that the journey is lonely. And I also realised today I can choose that. I can choose to be lonely or choose to surround myself with like minded entrepreneurs (which fortunately I did). I am not sure if I would ever survive without having surrounded by my mastermind partners... Yes I said partners because there are more than 1 and I still have my coach/es.... 

I guess the message I have for you today would be to really get yourself surrounded by like minded people and you can do so by joining my FREE Facebook group where you will not only be getting free training but it's being connected.

Secondly, entrepreneurship is a choice, thus be very clear what it is that you are trying to achieve... Clarity and soul alignment is key. 

To your happiness...


Meliza Sim     

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