Why Soul Aligned Entrepreneurship?


Why SOUL ALIGNED ENTREPRENEURSHIP ? Because as I reflected, the up-leveling your career was really a subset of my story. I was ambitious and I definitely wanted to climb the corporate ladder because I did'nt know of any other way or at least I did'nt think that entrepreneurship was even a possibility for me.

And in the last 30 years, it was a story of sheer grit and climbing the ladder but that has all changed. I got my calling to be a coach and transformed lives. That was 7 years ago but I had refused to step into the calling due to fears. It's not that I am without any fears now. I have decided to take the plunge. 

And so my story now is really more aligned to stepping into my calling. Which is what I have done and which is what I would really want to help people with. 

Being a transformative coach, and being in the IT line for so long, I know the power of the internet and there is no better way to reach out to the masses than via the internet. 

So what I would really like to do now is to help professionals to start their dream business online while having a full time job. An online business can be created while having a fulltime job because again, that's the easiest to do and juggle between job and business.

Additionally, for soul aligned entrepreneur who are already in business and somehow is feeling a little lost because they are not nailing their niche or have clarity in business, this is where I come in to help. 

I know how it is like when you are not fully aligned, both in career and in business. You are not in flow and you feel like you are stuck and your business can't grow. Actually that goes for everything in life. LOL

So that's what this group will be about moving forward. A place for entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs to come together and creating their dream business online and taking this out to the world by storm!!

If you would like to be a part of this, CLICK BELOW TO schedule YOUR DREAM BUSINESS Session to start your dream business online! A business that is aligned to your soul passion!

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