I wanted to let you guys/gals know that since my re-branding I have announced my offering and the ridiculously low price that I am offering now will EXPIRE by 30 April.

So for those of you on the fence and wondering whether you should take up the business coaching, here are my words of "wisdom" ....

I have done multiple online courses and group programs and have spent USD25K to date on learning the various internet strategies. Nothing WORKS as well as a 1-1 coach taking you by the hand and answering all your questions as you start your quest to create your online business !! You will have lots of questions!! I know coz I went thru that journey before...

And you will know if you are now busy checking out various webinars, watching you tube and simply trying to figure out why no one is visiting your website or your facebook page. And why since you put something out there, you only have 1 or 2 miserable sale. Particularly if you are trying to sell low value physical or info products and I bet your advertisement cost is higher than the 1 or 2 products you sold.

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Worst still, you don't have any signups, no list !! But you have spent money on various online courses. Does this sound like you?

Let me offer you a better way. At one point I gave up on taking the many varied online courses and group programs, I decided to hire a personal coach and within 2 months while having a job, I got my entire funnel set up and ready to go!!! I worked ridiculously fast. Typically, a person takes 4 to 6 months to implement the entire funnel but hey! who is to say you can't do it as fast.

My offerings:

Package A

Business Coaching 1-1.

This is of immense value as I am a mindset, brand, business and sales coach all in one! I have yet to see the depth of coverage that I offer in my business coaching anywhere else and at this price!!

I take you thru the entire thing:

- clarity on your soul aligned purpose
- the entire funnel setup, meaning ideal client, messaging, copy, sales page, integration to email auto responder, payment integration, fb ads, the works!! Everything you need to know to have a working funnel and getting your client thru the door
- website. I like to emphasis on brand website. Extremely important. 
- sales conversation that sells.

Complete end to end business coaching.

Package B
Setup on brand website

Package C
Setup all the necessary integration for you. This piece is a lot of work. If you have ever tried, you will know.

Combined offerings:

Package A + B + C
This is for those who wants to start a business but has no time and would like me to do the business coaching and also take care of the technical piece. For a lot of people, the technical piece is daunting

Package B + C
This is for someone who has gone thru business coaching already, knows what is required but really need techical help as you are most likely tearing your hair out trying to figure all this out. You have better things to do or simply have no freaking idea on how to do the technical piece and need help.


If what I have just said resonated with you and you want to find out more, please click the link below to have a chat. I will still honor my ridiculously low price if you click the link before 30 April to set your appointment to chat and explore.

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