Thankful for my utter time freedom!! And it can be yours too!!

Someone from the academy reminded me to be thankful.

I forgot just how it was, me rushing in the morning... get to my car, sometimes even cook early morning and then rush to work. Stuck in traffic jam!!! I did that for 29 years!! And recently the traffic was so bad it would take me more than an hour to reach the office!!
I think this resonates.. :-)


Compared to now.. Now I wake up, prepare breakfast for my son. Do my morning meditation, have my breakfast & coffee and leisurely get ready for "my day" which comprise of work - doing what I love and speaking to my current coaching clients or prospects or just chatting with the various groups I am in - either learning in group calls and being around like-minded coaches.... who understands me, speaks my language and it is no longer like I belong to some foreign land where no one really understand what I do or what I believe in.

P/S I also have lunch with my husband whenever he is around. Cook sharp at 5pm because I love cooking. Meet with friends or clients whenever... No mad rush. No trying to cook on Sunday for the whole week which leaves me exhausted...

Back to coaches, you see, the land of transformational coaches are different. It's enlightening. I don't know how to say it but if you are in it or aspire to be part of this beautiful world, then I would like to encourage you to join me.

As usual, click below for your discovery session and we can discuss and have a chat whether this is suitable for you.

Since a lot of people may not quite understand internet marketing, or coaching let me explain a bit more...

Firstly, you can market any business from the internet. If you have a current business, you may do so... And no, it's not setting up a facebook page and place a few facebook ads and then say - but this doesn't work. It does not work because this isn't internet marketing. If it was this easy, everyone would set up a facebook page and do some facebook ads and viola - they make millions!! LOL

(I keep writing about this coz people tell me this sort of thing all the time and I guess I need to do educate the public in general)

So back to internet marketing, you can market any services - are you an image consultant? Wedding Planner? Photographer? business coach? career coach? health coach? the list goes on but you get the picture. You can market a service or a product with in an automated systematic way...

You can market a service or a product with in an automated systematic way...

Did I say automated? Yes... And that is the beauty... of internet marketing.

Does automated means you don't ever need to lift a finger? No. It means you have time freedom and with an established business, you can literally make multi million with only spending 20 hours per week in your business. How I know... Coz that is the lifestyle of the internet greats.. some of them.. if they choose to...

So do you long for time freedom, do what you love and have an automated dream business?

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