How to create an amazing business when you don't have time!


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Here is what I help you with :


Business Coaching

1. Clarity
I help you to get clarity on your dreams and soul alignment thru a step by step proven process of drawing out from you your true passion. Yes. The one that's probably buried deep inside of you while you were busy trying to make ends meet or keep the job or even business so you can make money and survive.

When you get clarity. It's BAM! You have your message & your dream business - crafted ! done!

Now for the work to attract like minded clients to you....

2. Create an amazing sales funnel. This is where you create an AUTOMATED marketing funnel that draws clients to you. This is where the work is. Did I say work? Yes. You need to do your ideal client profiling, craft out your messaging, your lead magnet (a freebie offer that is valuable to your prospects), your sales page, email autoresponder to nurture your leads.

3. A website presence. Not just any website presence but one that SHOUTS you. Your brand. In internet marketing, branding and copy is KING. You need to establish your brand that permeates your website, your funnels, your facebook group and everything you do.

Not sure what a brand is. Think Starbucks. Why would people pay so much more for coffee in Starbucks than another place where you can get your coffee so much cheaper. That's branding! Or why would you buy a LV bag when you could buy just about any other brand in a decent department store for like maybe a small percentage of the price. That's branding.

To the consumer, branding is subtle. To the purposeful marketer. Branding is everything. Well... Almost

3. Now after you have done all that work, you need to actually sell. Client conversation that sells. Actual step by step script to really nail it and actually sign up clients!

The above is the business coaching piece, consultancy advice if you will to help you to set up the entire funnels, structure and the works to have your internet marketing works for your business.


Well, yes. This isn't a get rich quick scheme. So you need to work it. But I have good news for you. I will help you to also put all the pieces together.

I will help you to also put all the pieces together.


I will help you setup your on brand website and your your structures and funnels. So you don't have to worry about a thing.

Which is why if you are a working professional and you don't have time for this? I can help you basically setup (the technical part) your entire business while you focus on your work. Who has the time to work, take care of the kids the family and start a business at the same time? Or if you are already in business, another business? NO TIME!!

Leave it to me. I get everything set up for you! So you can spend your time in strategy, planning and getting clients. Other stuff that are more important to you while I take care of all the tech stuff that you either hate or simply have no time to do.

The complementary piece are

1. On brand website setup
2. Automated Funnels & Structures aka Your Automated Client Attraction System




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