Are you looking for automated income?

There are people who are attracted to internet marketing because of the promise of automated income.... arhhh... the magic words. The idea of not doing anything much and having income pouring in attracts a lot of people.

I spoke to a few recently and I hate to burst your bubble but if you are thinking you want to set up an internet business because u think that the moment you open shop in the internet world that you will attract 100s or 1000s of clients coming to you, you are gravely mistaken. You will attract them, by the thousands but you don't get to convert them all to paying clients, or not just yet....

Internet business is like any other business. You need to setup, establish your presence and you then grow to create a phenomenal multi million dollar empire that is like no other!


BUT it is not a get rich quick scheme!!!

You need to invest in yourself, and in the internet business, the investment is not about purchasing more inventory, or renting a shop, or buying property or hiring a large number of people. In fact, that's the beauty. You don't need any of that. Especially if you are selling services or info product.

BUT you need to invest in yourself to learn the ropes of internet marketing. The KNOW HOW. You still need platforms and software but quite frankly compared to a brick and mortar business, the investment is LOW.

However, make no mistake about it. You NEED to invest and if you think you can learn how to do it via free webinar, freebies etc... Er.... I don't think so....

How I know... I tried. In the last 2 years, I dabbled in it, and invested in online courses because my attempts of doing it myself did not work. Then even the online course did not work because I was so frustrated. They will tell you the concept. There are a lot of information but guess what? I need to know where I am going wrong and more importantly I need to know the HOW. HOW in the world do I do this exactly.

So I finally decided to wisen up and got myself a personal 1-1 coach. And that's when everything fall into place and I build my internet business (the setup) within 2 months.

If you are going thru any of these processes now, I know and I have been there. And if you think by now you have given up on trying on your own or even explored different online course option and you are now ready to take your internet business seriously because you want to build your online business empire and you need to start with the HOW. TELL ME STEP BY STEP EXACTLY HOW TO DO IT...


I invite you to a discovery call where we can discuss about your dream business. This is for you if you are a heart based entrepreneur, You want to impact the world in some way and you have a service, you are a consultant or a coach and you want to know how to do this business - the STEP BY STEP HOW.

I invite you to get into a call with me to explore working with me 1-1 and I will take you by the hand and guide you on all the HOWS...


P/S Rome was not build in a day, neither is a multi-million dollar internet empire. You start with the basics, the laying of the bricks and that's what I am going to guide you to do....

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