My filofax domino soft in pink

You may be wondering what in the world has a filofax has anything to do with business coaching... Well, read on and you will know... ;-)

My filofax is my journaling tool... As a business owner and as an entrepreneur it is very important to journal your thoughts, your feelings and your desires. This is new for me. I have never been one to journal and for me, journaling just in any notebook won't do... I just can't... That was before I chance upon the world of traveler notebooks and planners. I am so in love - Kikki K, Happy Planner and Filofax.. I have not started on any traveler notebooks yet. It's all ring bound or disc bound at the moment...

But I am obsessed and I thought it would be a good idea to share my obsession with my tribe and in my discovery of how I use my Filofax that together we might learn something too.. And please please, share with me anything you do with your Filofax or Foxy Fix or Kikki K. I would so love to know.. I really do...I spend at least 30 mins a day watching YouTube Plan With Me on various channels so I AM OBSESSED!!!

Anything you have to share, I am super interested...OK - I am going to share mine and it's really been the most satisfying project ever!! In the past, I have dabbled in beads, cross stitch , the works but nothing really last for me as I will soon run out of patience and time. But I have a feeling not this time. This time, it is really going to stay coz I am IN LOVE! 💖💓


A picture paints a thousand words so I am posting pictures of my filofax so you can see it "dressed up". There is immense satisfaction in getting my filofax done up and I don't even know how to describe the creation that I did. It felt like an accomplishment. In fact, I made this just yesterday which is my belated birthday and I did not even feel like doing work. Right after completing my "project", I was inspired to start work. How cool is that?

I first decorated and tie a ribbon round my filofax elastic band. It is a pretty inexpensive ribbon that I got from a hair accessories stall. I took out the elastic bands and simply just tie to my filofax. You can see just how gorgeous it turned out...

( I don't know why it did not turn out looking as nice in real life but it looks gorgeous in reality .. )

I did the same with the little tassel sticking out. Bought a hair accessory and simply repurpose it. It looks so pretty and I just so love it !!  

Next I purchased a printable from an Etsy shop called "My Newest Addiction" - I just love love the printout and the way it turned out. This is how it looks like below...

I guess I don't need to say much as picture paints a thousand words. I plan to do a youtube video on this so be sure to check this out and subscribe to my channel as I am super excited to show what I have put together.  

You will notice that I even printed my card readings and just simply sized it to the correct size, printed and paste it. I bought some really nice notepads and stuck them at the end of the notebook. 

I really love this printable - the colours are beautiful. I so so love the colors and it completely matches my pink domino - soft. Words cannot describe just how satisfying it feels to put this together...

The little pocket that you see is from Happy Planner - Glam Girl. Yes - I guess I do need to do a video LOL. 

Back to why having a journal is so important. It is a place where you get to connect with yourself. Acknowledge your feelings and desires. This is a place where I will write down how I feel. It is also a place where I write down all my card readings... I tend to just do a reading and then forget about them. This time I printed them out and am so loving doing this.

I also use this like a memory card. It is just so wonderful to place a picture of the general feeling of the day. A card reading, a sticker... Then I write out my actual feelings in my journal. It's kind of a diary with pictures. Printed pictures... 

You will notice I keep a record of what I like to do... LOL. Yes, I am starting to keep a record of everything since I started on the planner, journaling venture. I record my period, my cycles. Food I eat - not for calorie count but to see how my body feels after eating certain food. By being super conscious and recording this way, it helps me to be conscious of what I eat even more.

For business, I record my advertisement, my sales, expense, the works... 

Starting on this planning journey has me more organised. I setup my goals and things I want to accomplish at the beginning of the month. I look at what works and what doesn't. I record literally everything and I noticed I became more efficient. Also, what gets tracked gets improved. 

I even put down all my copy-writing and ideas in sections in my planners and that has helped. I used to write everything everywhere, that includes notepads or pieces of paper that sometimes I may lose, and all over my notes in my computer. Now having them all on paper and neatly organised with coloured pens even for tracking down my mood for the day has been so great. 

I just love looking at my planner and taking a look at what has happened is like reviewing a recording of my life, both professionally as a business coach as well as my private stuff. If you haven't started planning yet, I highly recommend that you do coz it is such a pleasurable experience. 

I am just so loving it. And it has that creative aspect as well coz you get to create your own journal with your own customised dashboards, paper clips, stickers and the pretty accessories which I just love love. Planning has been a tremendously rewarding experience for me and if you are a planner addict like me. Do let me know what you do for your planners and journals as well so I can get more ideas. :-)   

I am going to put down the link below for everything because I know when I am watching this on Youtube, I want to know where to get everything !!! ( this item is out of stock at the moment online )





meliza khoo