3 Reasons why you get LOTS of "likes" but NO ONE buys

I have been asked this question a lot. 

"Yeah... I get engagement but no one is clicking to buy...." Does this sound familiar?

I have come across a few scenarios like this from peers, potential clients and through observation of what people do online and I will tell you my observation as to why this is so...

1. What's your call to action.

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I have seen personally a peer who has pretty good engagement and she has lots of likes (in the region of 200 - 300 ) with a follower base of 3000+. That's quite an engaged crowd by any standard! But she told me she is not booking clients. 

Being naturally very analytical, I looked at her post, and what stuck out to me glaringly was the fact that her Call to Action was all about joining her facebook group. Her result out of her presence in Instagram was people joining her facebook group. She had a few discovery call but no clients! When I looked at her post, the result was predictable - she had her call to action to join her facebook group!!

So the simple basic question that I would like to ask you is "What is your call to action?". If your call to action is to join your facebook group - then that is the result you will get. You need to think about the result you want and craft your CTA accordingly.

Simple as it may sound. Sometimes, some things are glaring and can be spotted immediately by someone else. When you are busy immersed in your own business, you may just miss this simple step out. 

Do this simple check and be conscious about your call to action.

** I would also want to mention that if you are outsourcing your post to an agency where they will post and make sure you have lots of likes, you will have lots of likes but they are not necessary real and it is merely to show there are lots of likes to make you feel like you have gotten your money's worth **

2. Make your links easy and clickable. 

This may sound simple again but let me share with you just how many times I encountered a beautiful post in Instagram, usually some stunning jewelry - could be a ring or a bracelet etc and I am so drawn to it I will click the bio link. 

There is normally a website link associated. I click on the website link and it will bring me to a website where I feel like I am in a maze. There are lots of products shown. An array of jewelry if the owner is selling jewelry but I cannot locate what I want!!! 

I cannot locate the product!

I will click around a bit to try to find it and guess what - I give up!!! I don't even reach an abandoned cart stage! I CANNOT LOCATE THE PRODUCT!!

In fact, from experience, I came across this brand multiple times in my Instagram feed, love what they have and clicked a few times only to find that I cannot find the product. I contacted the owner to explain I can't find the product. Much later, the owner proceeded to give me instructions on how to locate the product. Too late, if you need to send an instruction to your potential client every time they click on your website, you have lost half of your business!! 

If you need to send an instruction to your potential client every time they click on your website, you have lost half of your business!! 

You truly need to have a serious look at revamping your website to make it user friendly. Easily locatable products so that you can sell your products and not have people look all over the place in your site for it LOL 

After a few clicks, people get bored and they won't want to spend the next 15 mins looking for it. Do take note of that.

No clickable link??

Relating to clickable website but this is even more obvious. I can tell you this is my own personal experience a few times. The owner post all their fab products and I go to their Instagram bio link and guess what? THERE IS NO LINK!

There is a clickable link in Instagram. It is located in your profile. Edit Profile and enter your website URL in the field called "website". 

This is a simple fix. You can do this immediately if you haven't got this done yet.

3. What is your intention?

She got 1000 followers in only 2 weeks!

This is from my own client and she told me she is very happy with the relationships she has built in Instagram. And with the method I thought her, she has very quickly developed a huge following. In fact, she got 1000 followers in ONLY 2 weeks and they are all highly engaged. 

Check out her story here

After a while, it's the same story. I have great relationships and I started asking her where is the sale? OK - if you are in business, whether you like it or not, it is about selling. If you don't sell, you don't have a business. PERIOD.

She has the right call to action - she offers to talk to her clients but she called it a FREE call. So I asked her - is she really giving a FREE call? What's the intent? 

There is nothing wrong with a FREE call. If that is part of your strategy to get clients - by all means offer FREE calls but you must be very clear about your intention. And more importantly, is there a strategy to convert the FREE call to a discovery call?

Action to remedy : I asked her to rename FREE to COMPLIMENTARY.  And set her intent on booking clients. 

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Coz in her mind, she wasn't clear. She is thinking FREE but it's not actually FREE. When you are not clear on your desires and your goals, the results will match what you intend. It may sound simple but when you are in it, you will actually find yourself sabotaging yourself without you realising it. 

It has a lot to do with the discomfort of sales and if you are selling your service, meaning you, it makes it even worst. Lots of inner stuff can come up when you are selling yourself so coaches really need to work on their self worth and money story to have a breakthrough in their business.  

In this case, it is the mindset. The intention. The inner work. Be clear on the goal. Goal drives result.

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