Should you start a Facebook Group or a Facebook Page??


This was a question I asked when I first started and since then I have seen many asking the same question. Interestingly I have never really gotten an answer to this question from an outside source but this is what I have discovered. 

Many will say that you should start a facebook group because there is more interaction in a facebook group. Well, from a functional perspective, you can have a lot of interaction on a facebook page as well. Totally.

Sandi Krakowski has a facebook page following of 1.4 Million!! And one of her recent post that I picked up has 448 shares, 2K likes and tons of comments! Lesser interaction on a facebook page?? I guess not... Check out Sandi page here :

Doreen Virtue has 1.5 million followers, and a recent video has 43K views, 3.9K likes and 305 shares!!! I am going to rest my case in terms of interaction and engagement in a facebook page. Check out Doreen Virtue page here :


So why a facebook group? There are some gurus that will tell you to start a free facebook group to grow and nurture your audience. And then there are some who does not believe in having a free facebook group. Some only has paid facebook group meaning it is only for members who bought their products/services/programs.

I am going to distill some facts here so that you can decide for yourself whether you should have a facebook group or a facebook page.

Facebook Page vs Facebook Group

1. Is your post getting the reach you want?

Facebook page is essential if you want to advertise. You CANNOT advertise without a facebook page. Your page is essentially another virtual storefront for you as you can showcase products, services, content sharing etc. Once you post something, you can choose to boost your post and it will appear to more people.

You cannot advertise on a facebook group. You cannot boost a post and although facebook group members get a notification ( not always ) when you post something, they can also choose to hide the notification. 

Which means if you want to make sure people see your video or post, you can do a boost in a facebook page but you can't really do much about it in a facebook group. You can tag people but just how many do you want to tag? And how feasible it is to manually tag every time you want people to see your post to get more engagements and eyes on your post. 

You can absolutely do a live in a facebook page and virtually anyone who wants to watch can just go and LIKE your page and they are in. People who watch your live video and for that matter any post can like and comment and share. Here is the key: any post that you post on a facebook page can be shared

Facebook group are set in such a way that it is private - closed group and you cannot share a post or a video. 

If your objective is a private facebook group where only members can get access to the content, it sure make sense not to allow sharing. But if the reason for you posting the content is so that as many people can see it, then facebook page is the answer. 

2. You can grow your followers through your facebook page

If you are willing to put money into advertisement, you can grow a page pretty rapidly and have followers at a relatively low cost through page like advertisements and other types of advertisements.  

The question is should I grow likes in my facebook page? Again, there are different opinions. I know there are some who says do not pay money to grow facebook likes. And there are some who absolutely preach this method and it works for them. You will need to test out which method works for you best. 

Growing a facebook group isn't as straight-forward although you can. There is a specific strategy in growing a facebook group and I cover this extensively in MAGICAL FOUNDATION. Magical Foundation is a private 1-1 six months business coaching program that covers everything in depth.

My client Sarah Labra booked 10 clients in six weeks using this one simple strategy alone. Facebook group strategy. Check out her testimonial HERE. And no, you don't need to grow your group to thousands of followers before you can book clients.

3. Facebook page for products & signups

If you are selling products, info products or physical products, I would highly recommend putting this in your page as facebook has features to showcase your products.  

You also have the ability to direct traffic to signup as a signup button is available in a facebook page. This is useful for offering your freebies and people who land on your page might just sign up if you make it clear and direct them to the signup. 

In a facebook group, you obviously can put these in your post and description but my point is these features aren't available. You have to have a workaround. 

4. Facebook messaging capability

Facebook page has a messaging capability meaning anyone who wants to ask a question regarding your services or products can do so conveniently by just pressing the send message tab in your facebook page. 

Messaging capability in facebook in general is limited to people who are your friends. A person needs to accept you before they can see your message and often you may not even see the message if they are not your friend as the message is not obvious. 

As a business owner, you want to be contactable so definitely have your facebook page send message capability. 

In summary, facebook page is crucial as a means to promote and advertise your service and product and facebook has made sure they provide features within the page to support you in doing that. 

A facebook group does not have these features. Having said that, it does have it's function and there is a complete different facebook group strategy where you can grow your business organically. That is covered in Magical Foundation and you can click on the link here to access. 

In Magical Foundation, you are getting a lot more and it is a comprehensive program that covers all you need to know from zero to launch in building your internet business. My focus is in getting a new coach off the ground as quickly as possible so that they can start booking clients. 

Thus, my strategies are organic to start with and I transition a new coach into doing paid advertisement in the later part of the coaching once they have started to book clients with the organic method.  

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