Why Conventional Marketing Converts at 20 - 30 %

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I am sure you have heard of this before. Set up a lead magnet. Push it through your sales funnel and do FB ads, and voila, you will be set for life. Your prospects are going to come in and you will have discovery calls after discovery calls and you book clients! Right!

The only setback in doing that is it is 

  • Exhausting as you spend a lot of time in discovery calls only to convert clients at 20 - 30 percent
  • Money is spent on facebook ads but you are not getting the ROI (ie clients)

Let me tell you my journey in internet marketing and perhaps some of it will resonate.

I spent USD 8K learning from online and group program with NO RESULT.

I started off with exploring internet marketing. I spend 2 years exploring, taking online courses and group programs. I then started to do it myself, set up ads, facebook page, funnels, etc etc (the works). I spent USD 8K learning from online and group program with NO RESULT.

To my dismay, my attempts to attract any kind of visitors to buy my stuff was unfruitful. 

To my dismay, my attempts to attract any kind of visitors to buy my stuff was unfruitful. 

I advertise for 2 weeks and only got 10 emails - that was I offered my program for FREE! Arghhh!! So pathetic. Setup facebook page and no traffic - even when I had traffic, no one bought anything... Does this sound familiar? This is what happens when you try to do it yourself without any personal guidance.

When I decided that I will answer to my calling and really go for my business, I hired a business coach. Spent USD 5000. Did that worked? Yes - to some extent... For the first time, I knew what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong. I had tons of questions and I had somebody to ask. With my business coach - I setup my entire sales funnel including my website in 2 months!! Record breaking time!!

My business coach taught me to do FB ads and drive traffic to my sales funnel. My optin and email. I spent USD 1500 on ads in my first 3 months of business only to get one client for a full package and another client for a 2 hour intensive. Did I get any ROI on my facebook ads? Nope. I made a loss. 

I was so frustrated and I started to think that I did everything wrong... And I thought it is perhaps my sales conversation. I should improve on my sales conversation coz obviously my effort in conversion is poor. 

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** Do bear in mind I came from marketing and sales. I was top sales during corporate days and this frustration coupled with fears were pretty irrational but then when things aren't working, you get irrational and fearful and all sorts of voices start to talk at you... Well, my own voice of I am not good enough.."

So I started in a frenzy to look for sales coaches to up my game in sales conversation. So much so now I have 3 types of sales conversation and more... This is a different conversation at another time... Obviously I spent even more $$$. A total of an additional USD 3800!

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What finally happened was I rebranded, I calmed down, I re-evaluated everything and started to follow my intuition and Divine Guidance. I do talked about this in great detail in Book Clients Magically - click here for the link to access the FREE ebook - bit.ly/bcmagically.

Anyway, back to why the conventional method does not work. What I realised in retrospect is this: ( I was taught to drive traffic via facebook ads to a cold market and then in the thank you page offer a complimentary discovery call )

  • Driving traffic to a cold lead and offering a complimentary call will result in having a very low conversion rate because these are cold leads, there is no know, like and trust factor yet 
  • People who wants a FREE complimentary call will book the call. This is bad news. It means you are attracting a lot of people who just want a FREE call. (You can put in mechanism to "qualify" your calls but really people can put in all kinds of comments if they really want a FREE call )
  • You end up spending lots of time in discovery calls. But with little results. Believe me, it's no fun.

If this is the method you know and you learnt - then what works? 

With the way the internet is evolving, it isn’t just about email marketing alone.

First of all, I totally agree with a sales funnel and email autoresponder. That needs to be in place. However, you need a marketing strategy that is a catch all. With the way the internet is evolving, it isn't just about email marketing alone. It needs to have all supportive functions firing at all cylinders!!

How do you do this?

  • You first need to build a following and a community
  • You need to be connecting and having conversations with your ideal clients. By this I mean via Social Media. Direct Messaging & Comments, Live Videos. In addition to email marketing.
  • You need to offer a freebie ie a lead magnet and email autoresponder
  • You need to be visible in social media constantly and consistently
  • You need to have the right messaging, copywriting and branding right.
  • You need the correct marketing, positioning and targeting 
  • And so much more...
You need a strategy that combines email marketing and social media. 

In other words, you need a strategy that combines email marketing and social media. 

Most of my clients contacted me via Social Media, Are they also on my email list? Mostly yes.. Some even without being on my list.. When you have your marketing firing on all cylinders, you will attract your ideal clients.

You need a CATCH ALL strategy... 

Most of all, you need an organic strategy that works. One where you start off with very little money or none - drive some traffic and book some clients before you expand into ads and the works.

I chose Instagram and started off with Instagram because it allowed me to do exactly that. If you are thinking you need to be everywhere at once. You don't. Pick the right social media strategy to start. Then by all means expand from there... 

I will be going live in my FB page and Instagram this coming Wednesday 1st November at 9pm EST to expound and talk about this even more...

Do come and join me... 

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Cheers!! To your success!!!


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