My heart is filled with gratitude...

I am ending October with a heart filled with gratitude, for God in his awesomeness has provided magnificently. This is the first time, the 5th month to be exact in my entrepreneur journey after I rebranded that my income has hit more than 15K and counting...

the 5th month to be exact in my entrepreneur journey after I rebranded that my income has hit more than 15K and counting...
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It took me about 20 years to hit this kind of income in corporate and I did this in the 5th month in my soul aligned online biz. WOW!! Words cannot describe the immense sense of wonder, gratitude and just awe at everything that has just happened. 

And it is no coincidence that my #happyplanner for this month feature Gratitude. (That's what you see in the graphic of this post :-) And exactly my feelings...

Yes, I worked hard. I have invested money to learn. But nevertheless, the accomplishment is satisfying and I am enormously grateful. I did not even feel this way when I closed the biggest deal in the history of my company. Truly did not feel anything at all at that time... But now, just a tremendously wonderful feeling... πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΌπŸ’–πŸŽŠ Grateful to God. Grateful to my followers for their support.. Your support.

Grateful to God. Grateful to my followers for their support.. Your support.

It was not like this.. Back when I first started, I was terrified and in a lot of fear. That was the first 3 months of my business. My marketing and targeting was out. I was not 100% soul aligned although I was still reaching out to make a difference and impact the world. How this has all changed is detailed in my ebook and webinar Book Clients Magically. I talked in-depth about this, the steps, the strategies, the techniques... If you would like to get hold of this => click Book clients without ads and at 80% conversion rate!

You see, when I first started, I expected everything to work beautifully. After all, I was called to do this. I saw a vision of a beautiful tree with lots of yellow flowers everywhere, on the tree, filing the ground - it was a magnificent sight. I heard the distinct prompting - "Quit your job by December 2016" Like What??? But to cut the long story short. I did just that... If you would like to read about my story and my journey, click here to read I was featured and interviewed by @LadyBossBlogger and the detailed interview and feature is in her blog.

I, like so many of you out there thought that everybody wants my services because it was for a good cause. I know deep inside this is my calling and I can help make a difference, impact lives, change the world but nothing much was happening albeit spending USD 1500 in facebook ads. Sounds familiar? That changed and turnaround. To get the full scoop, click Book Clients Magically =>

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To your success and your wonderful journey. You too can do this!!!πŸ’–

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