10 Strategies to daily inquiries and clients from Instagram


Do you want to build an amazing Instagram presence with thousands of followers with less than $50 a month. Get inquiries every day and book clients?

Unlike Facebook, you can still do this in Instagram with no cost or very little cost. Thus making Instagram an amazing platform. I loved Instagram as it is such a low cost and effective platform to use. If you are having an internet business or plan to have an internet business, you cannot afford to ignore Instagram! It is truly an amazing tool.

Let's get started on how you can do this. 


1. Create an Instagram Account

You can either create a business or a personal account. If you are a business, do not set your account to PRIVATE. No one can see your post if you do. When setting up your account, make sure you use keywords carefully so people know what you are doing when they come to your page. 

There is a short description that you can use to introduce yourself.

2. Grow Your Followers

First, you will need to grow your followers and to do that you by following people who are your ideal clients. You cannot wait for people to follow you. Always make the first move and start following people who may be your ideal clients. Comment and like your ideal clients post. When you do this enough, people will follow back. Not all will but some would definitely follow back.

** I am assuming at this point, you have already done your client research and if you haven't, please head to /magicalfoundation. In my Magical Foundation program, we go extensively into client profiling. In fact besides 1-1 coaching, I have a 35 page guide that will guide you through this process. Extremely crucial and is the first step in building and creating your business.

3. Post Consistent Content

Once you have created your account and start to grow your followers, you would want to be posting consistent content to Instagram. You could post anything related to your business and even those that are not. The main thing here is to create a connection - the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factor.

When people resonate with your post, you will start to get engagements - likes and comments. 

** Caution: be wary of agencies who will say that they can increase likes for you. Lots of likes do not equate to clients although of course it does increase engagement if they are real likes. 

4. Promo Post

Within posts that you create, you can start creating promo post that has a call to action. The call to action is one where your ideal clients will respond to and say yes to a discovery call, or a online program or product that you are promoting. 

Remember to have a 80/20 rule for promotion. 80% non promotional but somewhat related to business or sharing of yourself if you are your own brand. And 20% promotional.

5. How many times to post

There are so many opinions out there about the number of times that really, it depends on you, your audience and how you feel about posting 10, 5, 3 or 1 time a day. Find the number of times that is best suited to you and your audience stick to that. 

Consistency is the key.

6. It takes too much time to post...

I get it. When I first heard that I have to post 3 - 6 times a day, I was like "how do I even have time to create that many post?"

Fortunately, there are software tools that can help you. There are many software tools out there but the most important is finding a tool that suits you, and one that saves time!!

I personally use Typorama and Buffer for Instagram and I find this to be very time efficient. If you are using Instagram. You cannot afford to not investigate into these 2 amazing tools that will save you lots of time!!

How does it save you time?

7. Typorama

Quick demo on how this works in Typorama

Typorama is an FREE app that works on iphone. To use Typorama, you need an iphone... It is great because you can use their free stock photos and merely create your text over the photos. It has so many amazing fonts - you can create all sorts of different fonts just by tapping the fonts you want and start to create in different colours. 

I download all my nice Haute Chocolate pics into my phone and just start to create my tagline and graphics within 5 minutes max!! No kidding!!


8. Buffer

Next, Buffer it. Once you have created your masterpiece in Typorama, you are now ready to post to Instagram or any other social media with your creation.  

What I like about Buffer is that you can set all your posting time and you can post to numerous social media. Thus, you create once and post to many. Which is another time saver.

9. Buffer + Typorama

With the above 2 combined, you can create 6 post in 30 minutes. It's fun and very fast. Try it! And let me know your experience. Most of my followers and clients who have used this method just absolutely love this piece of tip. It works like magic 

10. Stories

Not forgetting stories. Stories in Instagram is so fun and you can pop in and create your funny, engaging and interesting stories. I have included a sample of what I have created. It's 15 seconds each and I have stitched this up together to make a 1 minute video so you can do this as a post in Instagram. 

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