An intuitive and soul aligned coach

I am an intuitive soul aligned business coach. Thought of sharing a bit about myself today...

Intuitive because I have a way of extracting from you your message and what your soul calls you to do even without you knowing it. I am divinely guided to do it and often in coaching sessions, unless it is a totally left brain strategy session where it's all about tips and techniques, I will know / hear the message that I have for you and what you are meant to do...


And no this does not mean I am supernatural but I believe this is God divine gift to me since I accepted the calling of transforming lives and impacting the world to be a better place.

I would even text my clients as I received downloads on what they are meant to do... It's pretty exciting :-)

The other thing is as I am fairly new myself, (no - I am not a multi six figure earner - not yet :-)) I get you. If you are a new coach and you want to learn strategies that works, low cost and effective. I get that. I do that myself and it works for me and I teach you the same techniques and method, complete with hands on roll up the sleeves experience. And no I won't ask you to outsource..

Because I know when you are new, you need to first get it yourself before you outsource..

Also, I get that you need a tailored system just for you. If you are a fashion designer, the strategy that you need to focus on is completely different from a life coach and it also differs if you are a energy healer...

I also know that you will want to make money as fast as possible so I won't be telling you to wait for another six months - wait for the modules and you will get there... I have a client who started to make money and close 10 clients in 6 weeks!!

Has she completed her funnels and build her website in 6 weeks? No - she didn't. I guess my point is I will get you results in the shortest amount of time even before you complete your funnels and perfect your website and your marketing strategies. It all depends on the individual, your target market and what you are doing.

It's totally bespoke and tailored to you. That's the benefit of working with me.

Summary - How I can help you:

1. I am technical with 30 years in Information Technology. You will get the latest software and even the fastest way to accomplish anything. Stumped with technology? I can help you.

My intuition is a God given gift... designed to help you.

2. I am intuitive and if you are a soul aligned entrepreneur, I am here to help you succeed and with you succeeding, you will be making a difference. That's what I am called to do. That's my mission. My intuition is a God given gift... designed to help you.

3. I can spot your message and your soul calling even when you can't. Why? Because I went thru the same shit myself - 30 years in corporate doing what I do because it was just a pure drive for survival and making money. And even after I became a coach, guess what ? I still got it wrong and I learn through these painful experience so I can help others...

My message to you. If you are a soul aligned entrepreneur and you don't want to be spinning your wheel wondering what you are called to do or have a coach that only knows how to tell you how to outsource or do marketing with very little knowledge of what's out there, I invite you to join me.

I know coz when I first started with a private coach - she only taught me to do facebook ads the conventional way. Have the right copy, picture and send your opt-in out there and advertise!! I spent money doing that with almost no result!!

I realised that I needed an organic strategy and I did it with Instagram which has worked fabulously for me, bringing me clients and inquiries almost everyday!!

I realised that I needed an organic strategy and I did it with Instagram which has worked fabulously for me, bringing me clients and inquiries almost everyday!!

I also learned that the typical way of doing facebook ads with the intent of opt-in isn't the best strategy.. My next step is to implement the new facebook strategy that I have learned and I am happy to be continuously learning so I can teach my clients who are new coaches. New coaches normally do not have all the extra money to learn from a few gurus... Or outsource to a social media expert. Not when they are new in the business at first...

I have been burnt... I have spent money with famous internet gurus who are supposed to have systems that can help you - or so they say... And I realised that not all can... I do respect that they can bring in the millions but when you really look at the crux of it... It's marketing hype... And the when the rubber hits the road, does the systems work?

And no - I am not trying to bash anyone but do be careful. There are famous gurus who are absolutely wonderful and there are those that frankly if you ask me is a waste of money..

I am not famous (yet). But, I can help you in ways that a famous guru can't - and without the exorbitant fees :-)

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