step into your dream business, easily with a sprinkle of magic


For Soul Aligned Entrepreneurs...


i am meliza sim, 

an intuitive business coach.


My passion is to help you create your dream business by stepping into your soul aligned purpose and setup your on-brand client attraction sales funnel, structures and systems, easily, with a sprinkle of magic...


PSSS.... and you get to create an amazing social media presence as well - all organically :-)



I decided to be a success at the age of 8. This is due to the fact that my mom died when I was 6 and I was a horrendous student when I was small. The incident that caused me to make a decision was when my auntie told me I can't be a secretary coz I can't even spell! It was true, I scored a BIG FAT ZERO in all my spelling tests. LOL!!

I was mad, angry and infuriated with my auntie and told myself I will be a success. And I became a success in corporate! I climbed up the corporate ladder. From a junior programmer all the way to regional sales and marketing. I made close to half a million annually in my last job and was top sales in my company closing the biggest sales ever! 

Why coaching? 7 years ago, I had a calling. What I mean is that I actually "heard" the prompting... I was called to be a Style Coach and reluctantly I took the certification. Logically it did not make sense as I was in the Information Technology line, a Computer Science graduate and what has Style, Image and Branding has anything to do with what I do. Plus it was also a mindset coaching course which meant it prepared me to be a life coach.

However, I found myself strangely drawn to it and I enjoyed the course and thereafter I enjoyed coaching clients tremendously...

I was still in corporate until I had my second calling... Yes.. 2nd calling... After my father passed away, I was very depressed and the instant I bounced out of my depression, I knew/"heard" I had to step into my calling. I was already dabbling in internet marketing, attending various online and group courses to prepare me the last 2 years prior to my father death. It's strange how things all seemed to jive together…

I then decided I needed to be serious about my business and it was then that I engaged a personal business coach. That was the breakthrough I needed to launch my business!! Without which I will still be struggling and figuring it out.

I started my internet business completely unaligned. (I did'nt know then…) I was coaching people on closing sales & getting a dream job. It was my success story so I thought in my head (yes - that's the problem with listening to the mind) that I should focus on this niche.

In reality I had no desire to help anyone get a dream job because I knew even when I was in my dream job (it was one in every sense of the word) I felt something was missing deep inside. When I closed the biggest sale in the history of my company, guess what? I felt nothing. Absolutely nothing. Empty.

Then I realized that my life message is about me stepping into my soul aligned purpose and calling and strangely everyone who came to me somehow would express that they want to start a business of their dreams and they want to contribute to the greater good of society.


Thus, soul aligned entrepreneurship is born.


I want to help entrepreneurs discover their soul aligned business, their calling and step into their glorious power so that they can transform lives while their lives are being transformed. Yes, that's you.  If you are reading this, then I am speaking to you.

I have also learnt that just focusing on soul alignment isn't going to get you anywhere. You need the practical steps on how to start a business. More than that, you need to know the HOW, and the actual setup which is such a challenge to most entrepreneurs.

The know how is so important. I combine tech + business strategy + woo woo. You heard it right! I am intuitive and is certainly sensitive to energies. You will find that I even incorporate a meditation gift in my free ebook - Book Clients Magically

That's why I am doing what I am doing. To help you step into your calling and to assist you in a very practical way to make that possible.

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soul alignment entrepreneurship


I work with my 1-1 clients / soul aligned entrepreneurs in 2 coaching programs

the magical foundation - 1-1 business coaching

Perfect for those starting out - for new coaches and consultants who wants to setup an internet biz but have no idea how. I take you through and guide you personally so that you will know at any point in time that you are on the right track. No need to guess or figure it out yourself. I will be there for you every step of the way. Reviewing your work and providing guidance.     

This is extensive coaching and you will have all you need to launch your online business. 

mini magical intensive - 2 hour 1-1 coaching

You know what you need to know but you just need a little help in specific area. A 2 hour mini intensive to get clarity, put you into action and catapult your business so you can soar!! Pretty simple. No application required. Signup and voila we are on!! Any questions, just message or email me!


A little bit about me and my credentials so you know why I do what I do.

I spent 30 years in Information Technology and thus when I switched to coaching, I realized that I can combine my technical knowledge and coaching capabilities to good use. I have done the many technical platform research and I normally automate all my processes. This is incorporated to my coaching as I am able to coach my clients the most effective way to implement things as the internet biz has a lot of techie stuff. :-) You can save a lot of time with automation... (But that does not mean you do not connect. Technology is the tool. It is not a replacement) You can call me a somewhat technie coach. Believe me, having a tech coach will save you lots of hours of misery and tears.. We are talking about online business, we are talking technology here... So you can't really run away from tech.

I am completely at ease with funnels and structures. I know exactly what coaches, consultants and service based entrepreneurs need for website and structures and systems. Yes! The systems and structures, very aligned with my Computer Science training... LOL

I am also a Certified Style Coach, thus I would naturally incorporate branding into all elements of my website and funnels. So the branding piece is in all my coaching.

In the last 5 years in corporate, I was operating in a sales & marketing capacity which is my natural talent by the way and I certainly know how to message, craft strategic positioning and market effectively. Coupled with extensive sales training even whilst I was in corporate, this has helped me immensely although I have to tweaked and adjust to the coaching world - obviously!!

My calling is to help as many soul aligned entrepreneurs get their internet biz up and out there so that they can get more clients and thus transform lives and impact the world!! Let's multiple to create a better world!!

The second thing I am guided to do...

After starting my biz for a while, I also realised that what most of the gurus are teaching out there are probably no longer the best way to do biz on the internet. I myself struggled initially and I know that many others are struggling as well. The constant fear and question " Does this work" used to ring in my ears and I have often wondered what did I do wrong despite putting in place all that I was taught. The funnels, the structures etc etc. Thus, magical foundation incorporate how to create an immensely fast growing social media presence using Instagram organically to get clients. I find that the best and most effective way for new coaches to reach out is via organic reach. Imagine that! Organic reach!!! No expensive ads!!

Last but not least, I am all about energy and well - a little woo woo. I practically manifest all my clients and this is something I proudly bring into my coaching practice. :-)

So here goes - the little bits and pieces combined together... to help you to ROCK YOUR BIZ!!!




me & chowbie

I love dogs and animals in general. I have 4 dogs at home. 2 poodles, 1 husky and my very own chow chow. Thought I want to show him off here... His name is Chowbie... My little baby.. maybe not so little... A chow chow and will be 2 years old on 20 May 2017.

The bigger reasons for being an entrepreneur and making freaking loads of money (eventually) is to really in a big way contribute to the savings of the environment & the thousands of poor animals who are suffering everywhere in the world ....

And psst... I am woo woo as well. Totally believe in consciousness, meditation, connecting to the light and all stuff woo woo.. I call it my tech & manifesting magic coz the 2 goes really well. LOL. And hard work of course - I believe in going for it - doing what it takes - not sit back and hope wish...

If what I have said resonated with you, then I would love love to connect. Send me a mail, message me, or get connected via my facebook group by clicking on the icons below!


Back to the serious stuff...

Meliza Sim is a certified Style Coach (image/brand + life coach). Spent the past 2 years obsessed about internet & internet marketing as she has a passion to be a transformational coach - to change the world and impact lives. Spent more than 25K USD on learning internet marketing strategies from the internet gurus, she is now making it a point to do her business primarily from the internet - flexible lifestyle and access to a worldwide truly global international market (you can do this too...)

She has spent 30 years in corporate, thus utilizing her many unique capabilities in project management, technical know-how, sales & marketing, strategy and positioning into the arena of business coaching. Technically agile and top in sales, she has climbed to the top in her career before resigning to be a coach. Her passion and literally the love of her life (next to family & dogs) ;-)